Artist obsession

hi Princess Ceara:

I just took the liberty of painting a picture of you, hope you like it.


hmm.. I like how he nailed my feet but my face looks asian.

Oh yeah, and check out this winner:

I just recently discovered you and your site, and i must say I have never felt so helpless . you are so f’ing hot and sexy. teasing men like that is something i have never been into, but i find myslelf stroking over and over to you especially when you flip off the camera. My name is antonio, how do i become a slave of yours? I live in CA in orange county. I would like a custom vid too but i dont like to use my credit card over the internet, 3 times have had fraud on it. I am very well off, and want to chat. I attached a couple pics so you know I am real

I like this guy for two reasons — 1. he doesnt use his credit card online, yet he tells me he’s “well off” as though its relevant. 2. he sent me pictures so I know he’s “real.” As you can imagine, I get a lot of robots and unicorns writing me emails like this.