Whats wrong with this picture?

Steve M: there is something very very different about you
Ceara Lynch: mmhmm
Steve M: do you think it or feel it or do you just think another guy is telling me that i am great?
Ceara Lynch: both
Steve M: for me it is the fact that you are so natural about things
Steve M: many Mistresses that I have spoken to or served seem to struggle at some points if you take them out of there comfort zone
Ceara Lynch: ok
Steve M: and that is when it normally breaks down
Ceara Lynch: uh huh..
Steve M: i mean you have no doubt seem hundreds of small cocks
Steve M: but what you have done to me- is in a different league to anyone else
Ceara Lynch: sure
Steve M: and it felt like you were just messing around yet you have totally humiliated and exposed me
Ceara Lynch: cool
Steve M: just reading the comments made me feel so so useless
Ceara Lynch: i bet
Steve M: i did not expect to get any comments or expect anyone to watch it
Ceara Lynch: mm….
Steve M: and when so many did i was shocked
Steve M: another Mistress that i spoke to occasionally even saw it and told me she watched it
Ceara Lynch: ok
Steve M: which was frightening
Ceara Lynch: uh huh
Ceara Lynch has signed out.
Steve M: Oh you have gone take care! wanted to play then prehaps catch you later! speak soon! another Cearian Slave!