Interactive blackmail

Interactive blackmail
So you’ve fantasize constantly about being blackmailed by me. Always stroking your stupid man stick at the thought of truly being fucked over. But of course blackmail is terrifying as it is erotic, so you’ve avoided contacting me as tempting as it is. Well I’ve made it easier for you. This is oh-so dangerous and exciting interactive blackmail clip. See if you watch this without surrendering it all by the end.



jesus i came so close i had to stop the video, best video i’ve ever seen.. gd i need to delete it before i get weak again.. i definitely wont last next time

JM was one of the lucky ones. Three days ago I posted my first interactive blackmail video with immediate success. It’s been selling rapidly and has already poked its head onto the top 50 selling clips today, joining my "virgin bikini torture" clip. I’ve received several emails from weak fools taking the plunge and surrendering information right into the pretty little hands that could tear down their whole life. How fucking hot is that?


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