Bait and catch

Open your wallet – milk your cock
Super brat style manipulation! Teasing you into your wallet as you milk your dumb-stick. Is it any wonder you’re losing so much money? Youre just another puppet on a string. A human cash machine mindlessly pumping out cash for sad scraps of attention from me. Anything to get away from that hairy snatch attached to your wife, right? Admit it slob, get used by me than loved by her. HA!

Churl Nam: Yes, Princess.. i would rather get used by You.. than loved by her
Churl Nam: Princess 200 tribute sent.. hope it pleases You
Churl Nam: no cum for wifey.. no cash for wifey.. all for You, Princess..
Churl Nam: yes.. it’s not just turning me on.. it’s driving me insane just hearing You say these words..
Churl Nam: oh..Princess.. You are so.. absolutely amazing in all these clips..
Churl Nam: now i am almost scared to watch ‘homewrecker’ clip
Churl Nam: but.. who am i to resist…
Churl Nam: just bought 4more clips.. so total 9 today..

Churl Nam: i just can’t stop…