Not feelin it today….

northoftheborder1982: hello
Ceara Lynch: hi
northoftheborder1982: that new team tease clip is amazing
Ceara Lynch: yep
Ceara Lynch: just like the rest of them
northoftheborder1982: yeh, but your knee high boots over tight jeans, that’s a total killer
Ceara Lynch: yep
northoftheborder1982: you should always wear that
Ceara Lynch: no
Ceara Lynch: that would be leotarded
northoftheborder1982: it would be a tease!  it looks incredible
Ceara Lynch: everything i wear looks incredible on me
Ceara Lynch: wearing the same thing every day would make me look stupid and poor
northoftheborder1982: true, true, but boots especially – all three pairs i’ve seen you wear look amazing
Ceara Lynch: yeah, because i am amazing
Ceara Lynch: whats your point?
northoftheborder1982: just that you’re even more amazing in knee-high boots!
Ceara Lynch: nope
Ceara Lynch: i look equally amazing in everything i wear
Ceara Lynch: what your saying is "i have a boner for boots"
Ceara Lynch: and i dont give a shit
northoftheborder1982: i have a boner for your boots
Ceara Lynch: whoop dee god damn doo
northoftheborder1982: especially the black ones
Ceara Lynch: again, dont care