Feelin stabby.

I remember when I first started playing Domme on the internet and what joys of degradation I found in the little things: making a sub wear panties, do an a2m with a dildo, piss in a cup and drink it… you know, child’s play. It’s no question that after a while it all becomes yawn worthy. The only thrill comes from getting paid for it, which of course never gets old.

But it never ceases to amaze me the subs that approach with nothing to offer but their mediocre depravity. You want to fucking impress me assholes? Let’s get hardcore. Let’s get fucking violent with this shit. One of my favorite subs to talk to (who is sadly disappeared a while ago) would only want to have the most bloody, graphic, nightmare of a conversation with me. He was the inspiration for my oh-so popular "I want to fuck you up," clip. What I especially loved about this guy is we would talk about the most horrific ideas like we were talking about the weather. No creepy heavy breathing jack-off voice. No absence of basic logic because his dick was hard. Just a nice, leisurely hour or two long chat about the many ways I could castrate him, fuck his ass with serrated dildo, and cut him up into pieces and then sew him back together in different places. I felt more comfortable talking about this with him then I do making small talk to most people. I wish I had those conversations recorded because they were just too bizarre and wonderful to be true sometimes.

I was actually pretty shocked to see how well that clip ended up selling.. Why don’t these mega pain junkies contact me more often? There is a darkness in me that doesnt get tapped into often enough. Let’s talk rib crushing, bitches. I want to destroy some motherfucking flesh.