Blast from the past

So as many of you remember, back in the day a Vegas reject was accusing Lyne, Monique and myself as having some kind of porn production company behind our lucrative business. Because obviously the idea of 3 beautiful women making lots of money without a man behind it all was just too unfathomable for him to comprehend. It made for an interesting thread. Apparently met up with him recently for a real time session and wrote an entry about how he is still was under this assumption. Domme tabloid reporter told me as though I’d care. Big deal, I really couldnt care less, it didnt mean anything (beyond good drama) when he said it then and it obviously wouldnt mean anything now. But I found it pretty funny when I got this message from him in my inbox:

Not sure if u hear anything or not. But I don’t think u work for an agency or some shit like that. Yes like three years ago I said something, trust me what u do is ur business and I don’t concern myself with it AT ALL. Ur doing ur thing and who the fuck am I. I met a girl who real time who talks and talks and asked a bunch of questions spent the day with her. Not sure where this is coming from, if she’s jealous or trying to start drama. She seems like ur friend anyway this may not make sence. If u have a anon way I can tribute like greendot or niteflirt I’m down, I feel like a dick and a half

C’mon Michelle, why do you have to be so jealous of this guy that you’d have to talk smack about him like that?? Hahahaha. That has to be my newest pet peeve these days. Someone does something you dont like? THEY ARE JEALOUS. That time your mom grounded you for 2 weeks? She was jealous. That time you got that traffic ticket after running a red? Cop was jealous. No matter how lacking in its logic, you can always point at jealousy as the reason for anything.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share. I told him I really didn’t give a fuck but obviously I believe Michelle over him any day. You can’t fight stupidity, people. Guys with boners will pay even the most blatantly fake girls and guys with boners accuse those with the most solid reputations as being fake. Oh well. Either way my pockets smell like money.