Is it just me, or are subs getting more useless everyday?

fatbastard25: hi ceara, your clips was earlier amazing, but now they are just ass wiggle and boobs show
Ceara Lynch: mmkay.
fatbastard25: i think it`s not financial domination
Ceara Lynch: thats nice
fatbastard25: i don`t think you are serious domme at all
Ceara Lynch: alrighty then
Ceara Lynch: thanks for sharing
fatbastard25: can i get some webcam time if i give you my personal info
fatbastard25: like facebook account….
Ceara Lynch: no
Ceara Lynch: you have to actually pay for cam time
fatbastard25: can i give some free preview
Ceara Lynch: no
Ceara Lynch: you have to actually pay for cam time
fatbastard25: what if i pay 20$ what i get
Ceara Lynch: nothing
Ceara Lynch: $50 minimum for 10 minutes
fatbastard25: pretty expensive
Ceara Lynch: yep
fatbastard25: if you are real domme i think you have lot of money
Ceara Lynch: youre right, I do
fatbastard25: so you can give me cheaper domination
Ceara Lynch: Believe it or not I dont make tons of money by giving out free previews and discounts.
fatbastard25: you are just a kid
Ceara Lynch: I am?
fatbastard25: Yeah, I think you are.
Ceara Lynch: Then why are you talking to me? Are you a pedophile?
fatbastard25: …no
Ceara Lynch: Well I suggest you go find a real domme. You obviously have very high standards and wouldnt even dream of wasting your time with a kid
fatbastard25: or maybe i tease you
Ceara Lynch: uhh….
fatbastard25: little girl in bad play
Ceara Lynch: Riiiight, have fun with that one.