So many of you have been nagging me about updates on all the countless sad saps who fell into my blackmail trap. The truth is, a lot of them are boring and took the smart route and just paid me off. Most I havn’t even started toying with yet as there’s waaay too many to tackle all at once. But here’s a prize for you all. Sometimes I like it more when an idiot like this doesnt comply with my rather reasonable demands. I mean really now, how easily could he have prevented me from turning his work place into awkward city? What was he thinking? Can’t wait for a reply.

hi, thanks for replying. i appreciate that you are making the erotism of the blackmail fantasy go up. however as i mentioned in my last mail, only my name and my boss’s particulars are real. At the most, i would risk a very awkward situation with my lady boss i bought your clip and i do not want to risk losing my job because of that. maybe i buy another clip from you and we call it quits? i admit i am scared and you have scared me. As you said, you fucked me. i lose and you win. sincerely,timAnother clip? are you high? Why the fuck would I "call it quits" because you bought another fucking clip? When you buy a clip, you get that clip in return, not a get out of blackmail l free card.No, I very much look forward to creating an awkward situation for you at work, and I suggest if you want to avoid that, you make it worth my while.

ok. i was wrong to suggest buying another clip. i am sorry.
you are a very intelligent and obviously beautiful woman. The fact that your clip sold so well and even push several people (me included) over the edge says it well. Isnt that your aim? To sell more clips.
i am a nobody and have no money that any blackmailer would be interested in. You can spare me. there are surely others out there more worthy of your attentions. i believe there must be others who have ‘sent’ you the mail i did.
take it as you have taught me a lesson not to fuck around with you. If we were face to face in private, i would kneel and beg you. But right now consider that i as a man am begging you with no pride or ego whatsoever.

You really don’t get it do you? Here, I will make it easy for you: you can either send me a $100 gift card, or you can wait and see what I do with your info. Spare me your stupid sob story about how you have no money. I don’t care. Either way I gain. Obviously "sparing" you wouldn’t teach you anything except that you can get away with this. You can’t. You played the game, now were going to see it to the end. You have 24 to send me a gift card or prepare for awkward city at work 🙂 day)You have one more hour 🙂you cant be serious? i told my boss that my computer and mail account was hacked and my personal info was stolen. She will not believe whatever you might send.