Catching up on clips

Ever since niteflirt shit themselves I’ve been on hiatus as far as uploading my latest clips via their glitched out platform. Things seem to be a little bit better under control so Im going to start slowly adding what clips are missing. I recently got a new laptop and I cant find my external hard drive, so these arent in the best order since I dont have all of my clips in one place. That’s probably way more information than any loser with a stiffy could probably understand so let me rephrase: ME POST CLIP. SOME OLD. SOME NEW. YOU BUY TO SPOOGE.

got it? good.

Forcing her to smell my ass
Nothing makes my girl slave’s nasty snatch soak like my hot body in this sexy body stocking. She is so hot for me it’s hilarious! I love to tease her and show her what she could never have. The dumb bitch’s face is so ugly I decide to sit on it so I dont have to look at it anymore. FORCING her to smell and suffocate under my perfect ass.

Girl-slave worships my heels
This little lesbo bitch cant get enough of my sexy spiked heels. She knows she could never look half as hot as I do in them, and she cant help but lick them at my command! Her little crush of me is soooo pathetic and I have no problem taking advantage of it. Listen as I humiliate and degrade her as she licks the dirt from my heels and sucking the spike like a cock.

Human foot stool
This stupid bitch is nothing but a foot rest to me. I love to make him lay on the hardwood floor as I use him as my own personal human furniture. I play games on my phone as he kisses my feet. Monique even calls and adds to the abuse by mocking him on speaker phone. Buy this clip and see a day in the life as Ceara’s BITCH!

breaking balls
This little bitch deserves PAIN! Watch me ruthlessly bust up his balls with my sexy leather boots. I only let him rest to bend over and kiss them! This is REAL hardcore pain. Tears are squeezing out of this bitch’s eyes. I love to watch him suffer!

Suck pussy stained thong
You’re such a victim to the pussy power that you’d pay any price just for the dried snail trails encrusted on my thong. How does it feel to be a total weirdo perv? The type of guy girls keep their distance from. Cant get pussy fresh so you settle for the discharge – gross. I can just imagine you jerking furiously with this dirty thong over your head, like a total freak of nature.

Gooey faced creep
Eat my loogies, loser. Nothing like the feel of my slimy spit running down your face. Beg me to get coated with it! I love treating you like trash.

your wife is a hag, your face makes me gag
I love my life! I am the hottest bitch in town: I get whatever I want, when I want it. Sad fucks like you are stuck with your hag wife while laugh all the way to the bank as you sneak you little paid wanks when she’s away. Face it, you’d rather buy this clip a thousand times over than to fuck that slob with a ten foot pole. All that money that was once spent buying her dinner and flowers are now right where it belongs: in my perfect hands.

You dont stand a chance, old man
How could someone so young manipulate someone so old? Sure you’ve been on this planet 20+ years longer than I have, but you dont stand a chance against me. I will fuck up your world, old man. That hag of a wife with her crusty dried up pussy isnt going to get any attention from you for now on. I want every load you spill to be for me. That’s right, gramps, your cum is mine! I know that as long as I control that cock of yours, the money will surely follow. So I dont want a single drop to be wasted on that bitch!

Size matters!
Think your tiny wiener has any kind of chance inside me? Think again micro man. Size matters ! If you want to ever please a woman with something other than your wallet, you gotta measure up. Wanna know how much is takes? Well its your lucky day because Im here to spell it out in ways even a idiot like you can understand. I have two different toys, one looks like my boyfriend, the other like you. Put them next to each other and the difference is more than obvious. If that doesnt sink in, I have a ruler to measure them both. The numbers dont lie, loser. Read em and weep

Kiss my ass and do my homework!
The sexy school girl brat is back, this time manipulating you into my homework with my big bubble butt. You know you can’t resist. The thought of being used is just too much of a turn on to resist. And that ass! Who could say no?

Driving you crazy with my lacy black bra
You just love sneaking a peak down a beautiful girl’s top, just to see what color bra shes wearing, dont you? Here I tease you by slowly unbuttoning my white blouse, revealing a gorgeous lacy black bra. I instruct you to stroke it as a playfully mock you and your silly fetish. You’d just love to cup my perfect breasts in this brand new bra but you dont get a chance! Only watching and stroking your way to a cum count down

Crack addict
Butt sluts like you cant get enough of my perk cheeks. If you had the choice you’d be a horny dog, crawling around on the ground and sniffing ass at every opportunity. Pathetic! Youre going to be drooling like a zombie as I wiggle my bubble butt in your face, forcing you to wedge your nose next to my chocolate starfish. Every butt boys ultimate dream!

Interactive blackmail
The #1 top selling clip on clips4sale
So you’ve fantasize constantly about being blackmailed by me. Always stroking your stupid man stick at the thought of truly being fucked over. But of course blackmail is terrifying as it is erotic, so you’ve avoided contacting me as tempting as it is. Well I’ve made it easier for you. This is oh-so dangerous and exciting interactive blackmail clip. See if you watch this without surrendering it all by the end.