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Bitch training you with my perfect peds
You are a total sucker for my feet and I love taking advantage of that! Wiggling my cute toes in your face and watching you melt. I know you’ll do anything for me, just to sniff the bottoms. I have black toenail polish on, very dark and edgy. Im not the type a girl you fuck with so you better do everything I say or you will never see my perfect peds again!

Humiliation jerk off cum eating instruction
Want to jerk off at my command? Got to do exactly what I say. I do NOT believe in jerking with dignity, so I’m going to make sure its as humiliating as possible for you. Sticking fingers up your ass and licking up your spunk at the end. You know you cant say know to me.

Legs, heels, perfection
Oh the simple mind of a male with a leg and heel fetish. Just slip on some silky thigh highs, lingerie and dangle my perfect heels in your face. You are like puddy in my hands. Wrapped around my perfect finger. Worship and obey me, your life will be complete.

Convert to Cearaism
You’ve lived this long in search of a true Goddess to worship, and now you have found her. Time to pay homage to your new religion. One look at me and you drop to your knees, groveling, ready to offer full submission. Give up all control and trust in your savior. I am perfection, you are scum. Know your place below me and surrender. Cearaism is the only way.

Die for me

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What would you do for just one kiss from me? My perfect lips grazing yours. You’d do anything and you know it. I wouldnt expect anything less than anything I want. Which is why youre going to die for me. …..Yeah you heard me. You think I’m joking? I can see the terror and excitement in your eyes. You want and fear this and I will make it happen. So many ways to you, just for that one kiss. Your life is in my hands. I have no mercy.

Drink my lemonade bitch
My lesbo girl slave is the lowest of the low, total bottom feeder. Just when I think I’ve pushed her to her limit, she sinks ever farther. I decide to really test her depravity and make her wait outside my bathroom door. I come out with a glass of my lemonade, pour it into a food dish, and make her lap it up like the she is. She cant say no to me, even if it means giving up her dignity!

Lick my boots and kiss my ass
The slave is still hanging around and Im sick of paying so much attention to him. I make him lick my boots as I talk on the phone with my boyfriend, telling him all about what a demented freak he is. It’s SO pathetic, this bitch is so in love with me and I know it tortures him to hear me talk to a real man about how pathetic I think he is. I get tired of looking at his ugly face so I decide to wipe my ass with it, smothering him with my perfect cheeks and making him kiss it, just so he knows his place.

Foot and ass smother
This stupid cunt bragged on and on about what amazing pedicures she gives, and guess what? She FUCKS mine up. It figures. You want something done right? Got to do it yourself. Of course I’m not letting this incompetent lesbo-bitch get away with it, I’m going to fix my painted toes right over her face as I spew insults at her. When I’m done I decide to punish her further by making her bury her nose deep inside my sweaty ass. Stupid bitch.

His face = my seat
Bitchface isnt good for much, so I have to find good uses for him. I decide to use him as a seat cushion for a little while. Obviously he’s enjoying it WAY too much, especially since Im wearing my gorgeous skin tight wet-look pants, so I decide to make him suffer a little. I sit on him so long he panics because he cant breath. I laugh as his face and his balls turn blue before me. What a fucking tool!