Wish list roll call

It’s been one of weeks; the lady at the UPS store has this look of amazement and confusion at the stacks of boxes I’ve been hauling out lately. One of my newest slaved I’ve dubbed sushi has been putting down a pretty penny lately expanding my lavish life style, he didn’t buy everything here, just the most expensive gifts.

Hot mama hooker wear

New shoes, a couple for die-hard foot bitch Wayne, and a $400 pair of Giuseppe Zanotti

Holy shit, check out those puppies on the right! I forgot I even had those on my list, and I forget who even bought me either of these. But fuck yeah, boot slaves around the worlds are currently pissing themselves with excitement.

A couple of smokin hot dresses, including one seen on miss Tierra lately. Just wait, you’re going to see the two of us on "who wore it better" section of the tabloids soon. Also a book on Freud and quantum physics…. SEXY!

$600 pair of platinum diamond earrings…. TOO SMALL!

Sushi is off to a fantastic start. His pockets are deep and he’s already funded the next installments of my interactive blackmail clips. That’s right bitches, expect to see some follow ups. You think those emails were just for "play?" Hahahahaha….

In other news, my yahoo group has kicked off on an amazing start. Over 60 members have joined since I announced it yesterday. If you havn’t joined yet, what the fuck are you waiting for? Be a part of the Lynch Army. I love having my little mass of minions grouped together to do my bidding. Members get frequent updates, assignments and exclusive pictures.