Im back!!

I know you all were deeply concerned about me and the status of my blog. Long story short, the jerks at LJ put my journal on hostage on the most convenient of days. So I couldnt boast and brag here about something now everyone and their mom knows by now……

HEY-OH! Suck on this!

Yeah, so anti-climatic. Yet relevant at the same time, as I’m still wearing the crown. I soared to the top the same day I got my wisdom teeth pulled, so this glorious moment came at a time I was oozing puss and blood out of my mouth and my cheeks were puffed up so big I looked like Luke Wilson. Today the swelling has gone down to the size of about Owen, I’m hoping to be me again by tomorrow.

On another note, my clips are slowly monopolizing the other list as well. "Die for me" is still at #1 which totally rocks the house. #1 clip and #1 studio. Yeah you know me, breaking glass ceilings n shit.

Anyway, I have a hell of a lot going on these next couple weeks. 3 finals, a term paper, another dentist appointment, my sister’s b-day, and then Im flying off for Christmas break, which means busting out some clips for the time I’m gone. Im absolutely ecstatic about my trip! It starts in Florida where Monique and myself are meeting up with Lyne and Danni. A force so over powering I dont know if that dick shaped state can handle it. Dont be surprised if it forms an upward curve for those days that we’re there. After that Im flying up to NY where I’m staying with some old high school friends and shopping my sweet little ass off. After THAT it’s off to baltimore where I’m meeting up with the boyfriend, watching the redskins play Monday night in DC, then driving out to the most happenin’ state of them all – VIRGINIA! HOO DAWG! What a swell Christmas that will be.

That’s all I have to say for now. Enjoy the latest:

RIP OFF CLIP: Putting on my boots
These boots are ridiculous. Putting them on takes 10 fucking minutes! Time is money, people. Buy this clip.

Ballerina boots
Holy sh!t – these boots are insane! Thigh high, 100% leather pointed toe, fit for destruction. You groveling boot bitches will be in awe at my long legs in this killer foot wear. Get ready to lick, suck, and obey.