Im back!!

Ballerina boots
Holy sh!t – these boots are insane! Thigh high, 100% leather pointed toe, fit for destruction. You groveling boot bitches will be in awe at my long legs in this killer foot wear. Get ready to lick, suck, and obey.

cigarette burn
So you love pain. What a coincidence, I love inflicting it. In fact, I get a thrill just seeing that look of desperation and fear on your eyes. I want to burn you and make you scream. Beg me to hurt you, bitch. BEG.

Custom ruin
This is a custom clip for a pitful loser named Churl. He is so fucked. Im ready to ruin every facet of his life: his marriage, his finances, and his worthless dick. I verbally degrade him and mentally mind fuck him. Ripping his hag of a wife to shreds while instructing him to punch and torture his balls. I have so much control over him Im going to take what’s rightfully mine – his money. You think the hag will stop me? Hahaha, yeah right.

Interactive tributing
*You MUST have this page open when watching this clip*

Calling all minions! Get your wallets out and prepare to spend. My interactive style of seduction will have you kissing my heels and cleaning out my wishlist. You know you want to spoil me and lavish me with expensive gifts, you just need a little encouragement. Here it is.