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Dude, this is the famous ice skating rink? Props to Hollywood making it look about 10 times bigger than it really is. It looked about half the size as the one we got back @ Portland’s Lloyd center. Just sayin.

Snow just hit NY today, I took a nice little walk around central park before picking up some hot cider and homemade ginger bread man and then shut myself back into my hotel room. I decided to spend most of the day in here watching the oxygen channel and making back all the money I’ve been spending out here. Holy shit it’s really added up. No worries Im still ballin’. Tomorrow I’m suppose to fly into Baltimore which apparently is snowing like crazy and the airports are closing down. Should be interesting.

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Greedy money girl
Doesnt your money look so perfect in my hands? It’s so obvious how much power I have over you. Your work so I gain — simple as that. My beauty demands constant tributes and thats where you come in. Slaving away to support my lavish life style. You try to fight it, but you know in the end I always win. I always take more. My appetite for cash is never satisfied.

Extreme pain
I love the thrill of fucking up someone like you. No, not will silly mind games or financial ruin – but with pure, simple, physical pain. Kicking you until your bones break, your organs leak, and youre left a crying pathetic mess of a man. Then when you’ve had enough, I penetrate your entire body with 100,000 volts of electricity. Scream for me bitch.


Cross wifey off the xmas list – your bonus is mine!
Christmas is right around the corner, I bet youre racking youre brain trying to figure out what to buy the old bat you married. Well here, I will make it easy for you: dont buy her and give your christmas bonus to me. Sure, you’ll be in the house for a little while, but imagine how good it will feel to deprive that ugly hag and put the money where it should be, in my pretty little hands, where it will be spent in seconds.

Upskirt panty tease
Pervy little panty bitches are going to cum in their pants when they see this clip. My upskirt panty tease will have you begging and whimpering for more. I know how stupid you get when you see a quick flash, you’re going to be practically a zombie when Im done with you.

Filthy fucking shoes
I got my shoes and socks extra disgusting just to fuck with you. They’re so old and smelly and I know how you get turned on by weird like that. I dont know what the fuck is wrong with you but I find it hilarious. I take of my shoes and expose my even nastier socks. I can only imagine how hard your freak boner is now. You’re such a disgusting slob.

Pool boy foot domination
My first day in Florida and Im already dominating the pool boy! Aren’t you soooo fucking lucky to be my bitch today?? Not only will you be cleaning my pool, you’re going to clean my feet! Yeah, i know how you are. I caught you checking out my french pedicured toes and you’re not fooling me, I know a foot boy when I see one and I have no qualms about completely humiliating you for it. Now get to work, bitch. You better clean my feet better than you clean my pool or I’m going to be pissed.

My feet vs. your girlfriend’s pussy
Hahaha you know what is sad? You’d rather jack off to my feet then fuck your girlfriend lame ass cunt. Really, there’s no competition. She’s lame, and I rule. Everything about me is fucking perfect! Her pussy is stank and her personality is null.. My feet are divine and Im the girl of you dreams. I hope she catches you jacking off to this. It’s about time that bitch learns the truth.

Cuckold hubby learns the truth
So you married the perfect woman – kind, gorgeous, and virgin. Little do you know a bomb is about to drop on your wedding night. Did you really think I was a fucking virgin waiting for YOU?? Hahahaha, SO naive. You should know I have a thing for black guys and I jump every fine brotha that crosses my path. I only married you for your money. I will never fuck you and you will just have to live with that fact that Im banging the football team while youre at home wanking your tiny worthless cock. You realize youre, like, the last person to find this out, right? I cant believe you didnt notice how many of our wedding guests were laughing at you behind your back.