Last clips of 2009

One of my latest clips is climbing the charts, now available on niteflirt. This is the last of them for the year. Buy them up fucker!! My C4S store has already reached the 5 figures once again. Yeah, thats how I do. Doesnt that make you so hot that you want to send me more? Dont worry, thats common. The best remedy is to just give in. Only a few precious hours left in the year to do so. Make yourself useful and surrender.

Old man ATM
Look at you. Over twice my age and half as strong. You think I’m just a naive young girl who has no idea how much influence I have over you. That’s where you’re wrong. I’m wise beyond my years and I know exactly how a crusty old man like you thinks. Further more I know just how to manipulate you to my fullest advantage. You can’t look away from me, my words pull you in like a spell. Before you know it, I’m plucking 100 dollar bills from your offering hands one by one. How much can I get in just 10 minutes?


Breaking his ribs
Slave asscrack is the biggest loser I’ve ever met. Some slaves amuse me, some please me, others bring out the pure sadist in me. This is one of them. I decided to let out my aggression by trampling him as hard as I could in my leather boots, adding a few swift kicks to the balls with I’m at it. The best part is that I got to do this right after Princess Lyne had at him, so he was already tremendously sore and tender. The expressions on his face are priceless. He is in SERIOUS pain. No padding, no cups. This is the real deal.


Virgin ass lover
How sad is it to be SO obsessed with something you can never have? Nice, meaty, perfect ass. It’s torture, I know, but you just cant look away. I can grab it, shake it, and slide my panties down and all you can do is drool and jerk. Beg all you want, this is as far as you get. Stroke it to my instruction, it’s almost like sex! not really… HA HA HA


Self Destruction
This clips is on the C4S top 50 chart!
Fans of my ever popular interactive blackmail clip are going to love this. What’s more powerful than seducing you into surrendering your personal information to me? Cutting out the middle man and forcing YOU to send an all exposing confession to your wife. I love to see how far I can push you when you dick is hard and your mind is deep in sub space – this is the ultimate test. See if you can finish it without completely destroying your own life


Sick boots
Another incredible pair of boots to exploit your fetish and manipulate your weaknesses. My highest pair yet – they reach all that way up mid thigh and have a sexy corset backing. But of course even more important than the boots is the hot bitch wearing them. I know just how to get into that boot obsessed mind of yours and turn you into my heel sucking slave. Time to submit.