Cash, presents, and tributes


Cash in the mail is a fun surprise. I dont usually have subs do this. And since most subs can’t do anything without explicit, dumbed down instructions and hand holding, it rarely happens. Now if only they packed a few more stacks of bills in there I might have cracked a full smile instead of an eye roll… Yes Daniel, your stupid $60 came. Wowwee I can fill my gas tank now.


Few new gifts in the mail. Including a cheap-o HD camera. I’ve had a lot of cry babies lately whine about how I dont use HD, interestingly enough, they tend to be of the super wanking penny pinching variety. I think Im going to use this as a paper weight just to piss them off. Oh yeah and I got a few more body stockings. Only one out of those four I dont have already. Who keeps buying me duplicates? I got a pair of black latex pants the other day too, uhh, I only have like 12 different clips of me wearing these exact pants. Thanks loser. On the right there is a new bra, lingerie, and of course another pair of shoes from foot junkie Wayne. I swear he’s bought about half of all my shoes. No complaints there.


A couple of slaves I look forward to toying with in 2010…. These two crack me up, both are so desperately cling to the concept of being my "best" or "alpha" slave. Too funny. Im constantly having to put both of them down in their place. Slave sushi wasted no time sending me another $500 amazon gift card after my previous mention of him gave him a fucking mega jump start. Good boy. Overall he doesnt annoy me and thats saying a lot considering how easily Im annoyed. He will be a fun one to carve up and serve. The mongloid paid off the rest of his $3k debt soon after I flew into Florida and was nagging throughout my vacation for attention. This one gets under my skin all too often. I told him to fuck off until I got home and the day I get back to Portland he messages me immediately asking how I’m going to control his life. Yes, thank you mongloid, my vacation was great! and how are you?