And the winner goes to… turdboy!

"hi: i’m actually very surprised i got this for under a hundred. i figured something this fabulous would go for a couple of hundred at least. maybe all my competition was still on holiday. well, that’s good for me. i’ll put these treasures to good use. i am hoping to catch YOUR cold and get really sick. if i suffer from it i will pretend YOU’re actually here slapping me with all YOUR might. that would be so awesome. YOU probably don’t remember me, but when YOU first came to ebanned, YOU very generously allowed me to buy and eat YOUR shit. that was money well spent. having YOUR shit in my mouth while looking at YOUR incredible pictures was a thrill like most people are never lucky enough to have. YOU made me feel very special indeed. in a perfect world, i would spend my life as a living toilet for a GIRL like YOU. how awesome would that be for me, or for any male. i will have to mail the payment to YOU. please send me YOUR address and the payment will go out in the morning. i am VERY eager to stuff YOUR tissues into my mouth and savor the super erotic thrill of being YOUR trash can. i hope some are still moist with YOUR snot. i think they will taste better that way and also the viruses stand a better chance of still being contagious. i LOVED YOUR video when YOU sneezed. i would love to have YOU sneeze in my face. that would produce an instant erection. i’m going to have a lot of fun with this. i sincerly appreciated YOU sharing these beautiful things with us guys. YOUR generosity is overwhelming. YOU could have just thrown them away, but instead YOU are giving us the remarkable oportunity of actually getting to see, hold, smell, taste, and then eat a rare and intimate product that came from YOUR exquisite body. for me, this is a genuine privilege. again, i thank YOU for the honor. YOUR toilet: turdboy (aka kopkop)"

Blast from the past. This guy wrote me one of my favorite gems from the mail bag. I seriously hopes he get sick.