Filthy, nasty, republican loser

Dear Dr. Lynch,

i have watched Your video on U.S. healthcare reform. i am a stupid male who thinks with his little three inch dick. i am a filthy nasty republican loser who have been against healthcare reform. i am a selfish loser. i am also a 43 year old virgin who has never had sex with a Woman or even a girlfriend. i have never even kissed or held hands with a girl. After watching Your video You are correct in that Women know better and should be running this country. i will be writing Senator Mc Connell and telling him to listen to Dr. Ceara Lynch and support the healthcare reform bill. Superior Women such as Nancy Pelosi, Patty Murray, Maria Caldwell, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and other superior Women politicians know what is best for this country and that is voting "Yes" on healthcare reform.

Republicans are made up of small dicked loser white males like me and ignorant and stupid Women like Sarah Palin. Thank You Dr. Lynch for opening my eyes to what a loser i am and i am ashmed to be a member of the republican party. i am also ashamed of being a filthy male loser. i will continue to watch Your videos and obey You. i will be leaving the republican party, You have opened my eyes Dr. Lynch.