oh larry

larry_anderson113: how does your feet smell princess
Ceara Lynch: pay me and i’ll tell you
larry_anderson113: how much i have to pay princess
Ceara Lynch: $50
larry_anderson113: what would you do then princess
Ceara Lynch: I would answer your question dipshit
larry_anderson113: what then
larry_anderson113: the 50$ is not just for answering that question definately
Ceara Lynch: yeah it is
Ceara Lynch: you asked me a question, i told you to pay me for the answer
Ceara Lynch: you asked how much, i told you $50
Ceara Lynch: get it?
larry_anderson113: are you serious? you want 50 to just answer a very simple question?
Ceara Lynch: yep
larry_anderson113: 50 cent?
Ceara Lynch: no
Ceara Lynch: "$" means dollars
larry_anderson113: lol
Ceara Lynch: unless there’s a decimal point before the "5," then "$50" means fifty dollars
larry_anderson113: You have such a great sense of humor
Ceara Lynch: i’m just trying to help you understand these very simple concepts since you seem to be struggling with this conversation.
Ceara Lynch: so youre welcome
larry_anderson113: i am not struggling. i just couldnt belive you want to charge 50$ for a couple of words
larry_anderson113: the answer to that question is a couple of words probably
larry_anderson113: right?
Ceara Lynch: yeah probably
larry_anderson113: so if it is 5 words
larry_anderson113: 10$ per word
Ceara Lynch: nothing gets past you
larry_anderson113: meaning?
Ceara Lynch: ha, I stand corrected.