blah blah blah

shtr7658: Hi
Ceara Lynch: hi
shtr7658: What r u doing tonight
Ceara Lynch: lighting babies on fire
shtr7658: Shit me too
Ceara Lynch: uh huh…
shtr7658: Ya
shtr7658: U
Ceara Lynch: yes?
shtr7658: Why r u so rarely on nf
Ceara Lynch: so that losers like you can complain about it
shtr7658: Well I’m sure that’s working well then
Ceara Lynch: yep
shtr7658: In not a loser though
Ceara Lynch: could of fooled me
shtr7658: How’s that
Ceara Lynch: pay and and i’ll let you know
shtr7658: Lol


Ji.: slut!
Ceara Lynch: ouch.
Ji.: oshi
Ceara Lynch: yeah totally
Ji.: yo your cool
Ji.: shit my grammar sucks
Ji.: you’re
Ceara Lynch: thx
Ji.: feels good man
Ji.: so in a day how many guys try to get free talk about their tiny dicks to you
Ji.: hahahaaaaaaa
Ceara Lynch: i wouldnt know
Ji.: now what kind of answer is that
Ceara Lynch: an accurate one
Ji.: Aight dawg im gonna get my bong pce nukkah
Ji.: haaaaaaa


fatbastard25: webcam session?
Ceara Lynch: no
fatbastard25: why?
Ceara Lynch: does it matter?
fatbastard25: i love yto humiliate myself for you
Ceara Lynch: good for you
fatbastard25: so will you humiliate me?
fatbastard25: how much it cost
Ceara Lynch: I said no
fatbastard25: pleeease 🙁
Ceara Lynch: if you pay twice as much, fine
fatbastard25: why i must pay twice
Ceara Lynch: because I said so
fatbastard25: i´m really horny and need you perfectiom
Ceara Lynch: i really dont care
fatbastard25: why you are so mean to me
Ceara Lynch: because youre being obnoxious
fatbastard25: i beg you ceara
Ceara Lynch: I dont care
Ceara Lynch: fuck off
fatbastard25: maybe i go pay you friend monique
Ceara Lynch: that would be great, please do
fatbastard25: she get money and you don`t
Ceara Lynch: awesome, she deserves it.
fatbastard25: she is more hot that you anyway
Ceara Lynch: why didnt you talk to her in the first place then?
fatbastard25: because i want to you get change
Ceara Lynch: good luck with that
fatbastard25: and she is offline
Ceara Lynch: sucks to be you then, huh?
fatbastard25: can`t you get me webcam sessions, please i do anything you want
Ceara Lynch: anything?
fatbastard25:  yes 🙂
Ceara Lynch: i really really want you to fuck off right now
fatbastard25: why you are bitch like that
fatbastard25: i jsut want fun for you
Ceara Lynch: Im not doing cam right now. end of story. go away.
fatbastard25: then i buy you clips and masturbate hahaha
Ceara Lynch: oh snap, that’ll show me.