forgiving my website

schiavo2976: i’m looking at your clips
Ceara Lynch: so?
schiavo2976: i thought that would be good giving you the notice
Ceara Lynch: why?
schiavo2976: to show, to let you know where i am
Ceara Lynch: uh
Ceara Lynch: i really dont give a shit
schiavo2976: i would like to forgive the site..
Ceara Lynch: meaning?
schiavo2976: that i would like to be strong to forgive the existance of the site
Ceara Lynch: my website isnt apologizing
schiavo2976: i mean that if i could forgive his existance..i would be free from it
Ceara Lynch: his existence? who?
schiavo2976: if i could forgive the existance of your site
Ceara Lynch: my website doesnt have a gender, and if it did it would be female
schiavo2976: sorry, not my first language. its existance.
Ceara Lynch: okay well good luck with that
schiavo2976: i need so much strenght to forgive it..
Ceara Lynch: mmkay
schiavo2976: ,…you with your feet straight in my face..i suffer of this.
Ceara Lynch: well thats great
Ceara Lynch: can you fuck off now?
schiavo2976: ok, mistress. excuse your prisoner.