New clips

Another clip hits the top 50. It’s funny how easily I pull top clips out of my ass with little to no effort. I havn’t even been trying so far this year, much too busy with other things in my life. Never to less, the money keeps pouring in and the power keeps growing.

Gotta love this clip. Nothing quite like recording the live the message I left for poor Jacob’s wife and then selling it to the masses for pennies. I was kind enough to keep our little "arrangement" private up until this point. He was pretty good about making his weekly payments, but much like most subs out there, he tried to disappear and prayed I wouldn’t notice. Uh, riiiight. Don’t play blackmail if you want any ounce of control in terms of when you run away. I called him on it and he gave me typical bullshit loser excuse #826590. Here’s hot a tip for all you blackmail buttfuckers out there: dont lie to me, I’ve heard it all and doing so just insults my intelligence. Anyway, I won’t say anymore lest I spoil this classic clip.

Jacob’s exposure
Let this be a warning to all you other chicken loser’s thinking about playing the blackmail game with me – DON’T FUCK UP. Seriously, your excuses get weaker by the day. Jacob foolishly failed to cough up one of his routine and mandatory payments because he was "out of town." Uh… what? Your house is not the only place in the world with access to the internet you moron. Your physical location really has nothing to do with paying me. As a consequence, I’m calling your wife and telling her everything. And just so I can really rub it in your face, I’m recording it all and selling it here for so cheap even the most low rent subs can buy it and laugh at you along with me. Sucks to be you!

The lesbo came by the other night for more relentless humiliation. I swear this girl gets more sick and deprave every time we see her. Monique and I decided to take requests from the pups over at team tease forum. Check it out and deposit your shameful ideas for next time.


Lesbo licks flip flops
This dyke has a major foot fetish. She so obsessed with me and my dirty flip flops I decide to exploit her by making her lick them clean. I spare no sympathy and relentlessly insult and mock her for being the freaky bitch that she is. I even humiliate her by making her balance the flip flop on her nose. A perfect lezzdom clip to add to your scarce collection. Lots of flip flop and bare feet kissing and licking.


I love doing giantess clips, even though they kind of seem like the odd-fetish out. I just like the idea of killing someone at the end of every clip. As a 100 foot woman I can murder by the masses. Speaking of, I’m doing a little research to see how micro-man wannabes would most like to die by my giantess self. Cast your vote here.


Giantess destruction
Micro people are infesting my place once again. I should really hire an exterminator, but the truth is I have way too much fun toying with these little guys. They are always tiny little MEN too (where are the women?) and I can only imagine what an erotic yet terrifying thrill it must be to get placed between my enormous tits, buried deep inside my back pocket, crushed below my feet or just chewed , swallowed, and digested in my stomach. I must admit they really are tasty little people. The perfect mid afternoon snack for a giantess like me. Bon appetite!


Smelly shoes
I caught you today in the girls locker room. No, not peeping or searching for panties, but sniffing some girls dirty sneaker. You got caught by the wrong bitch! Now you’re stuck as my slave, forced to come over everday after school and demonstrate what a deprave loser you are by licking my dirty shoes, smelly my sweaty socks and kissing my perfect feet.

New team tease clips found here: here