Jacked up jack

jack a: slut jack on cam ready to be your cum slut , cokewhore bitch boy slut on cam

Never would I have guessed that such a garbled up opener could describe someone so well. If you’ve ever wondered if man can live without a soul, here’s a bit of evidence in that regard. Meet jack, my new fave:


Shoving cocaine up is pee hole.





(You can’t really tell, but in the left shot, he’s pouring watered down coke into his eye)

jack a: serve anyone u want be bitchboy for u
jack a: how many lines hld i lay out and do for u
jack a: shld i fck my peehole
jack a: split my bals?
jack a: put coke on it?
jack a: cant do right nbow..kinda messy
jack a: fck peehole again
jack a: how many more klines
jack a: fck my eyes with coke"?
jack a: pur it in with water?
Ceara Lynch: yeah fuck your eyes
jack a: is thast enuf 2 ;put in
Ceara Lynch: sure
jack a: now2?
Ceara Lynch: yeah do it
jack a: poiur inm peehole
jack a: shld i clean my ass then fcujk it?
jack a: do u want me to lick my shit?
jack a: ur not going to post on blog?
jack a: what city u in?

There is SO going to be an extra bounce in my step for the rest of the week. Jack rules. He’s invited to my next party, and every one after that.