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Bikini Bitch
Face it, I am totally the girl of your dreams. So why give me up? Just because I treat you like sh-t and use you? You know you love it. Nice girls never did it for you, you were always hot for the mega bitch who spits on your face. That’s me baby. I got wimps like you totally figured out and wrapped around my finger. Abuse never felt so good.

Hot pink domination
Im wearing my smokin hot pink fishnets and feeling bratty. I know cute girls in pantyhose drive you crazy and I’m ready to manipulate you for my own amusement and benefit. I tease and taunt you with my long legs, gorgeous round ass and perfectly pedicured feet. You can’t resist me. No matter how hard you try, you always come crawling back. Enjoy this while you can, loserboy, because the guilt will wash over you after you make your mess.

Drinking shrinking boyfriend
Custom clip description: A sexy woman gets revenge on her ex by shrinking him down to nothing. She acts like she wants to get back together with him at first and gives him a drink. She shows him what he has been missing wearing a short tight skirt, sexy high heels and a revealing top, then gets him to strip off. He thinks it’s his lucky day. What he doesn’t know until it’s too late is that the drink she gave him was ! Now when he gets turned on he shrinks slowly. The camera angle changes as he slowly shrinks and no matter how hard he tries he can’t resist her and just gets more and more turned on! After a while he is looking up her tiny skirt and seeing her incredible ass and sexy body towering above him isn’t helping him calm his raging erection which she is laughing at! Soon he is shorter than her heels! Then she tells him that if he cums the effect is permanent! He is desperate to try not to cum but she is so sexy, he can’t help it and she laughs as she sees him squirting all over the floor! Then she decides to crush him anyway under her heel – we see her grind her shoe into the ground as if he were a cigarette!