Ben is back

It’s kind of hilarious to me how quickly some guys can go from "I will seriously ruin you" to "okay now let’s play pretend." Ben is so seriously spun in his sick sad fetish world. Torn between just letting it all go and accepting it or dealing with the tremendous guilt associated with compromising his morals. In case you forgot, ben was this guy The following emails is one he sent me in April before he blocked my address. Today he sent me the second email.

"You’re starting a war.

You underestimate my motives as simply being fueled by a need for attention and/or desire for abuse. I would love to be free of women like you and take others with me to a healthier place. This isn’t fantasy anymore, for the sad reality is you love what you do because it makes money at the heartless expense of men like me. Well, that makes us enemies.

I’ll seek expert advice as to what kind of website and aggressive marketing plan would best cut into your profits; all legal, of course. While you’re keeping men down, I will help lift them up, turning slaves into princes.

How’s that for nice?




I think I’m ready to play if you are.

I have a fantasy role-playing scenario that you’d be perfect for and might even enjoy, but I don’t think it’s a standard offering of yours…

Consider a plot where Ceara is so fed up with "Ben" that she resolves to hunt him down and ruin him. I’d pay you monthly to send me harrassing, threatening calls and emails, using real sensitive info that would bother me. I’d disclose personal facts about the real me (perhaps acting as a detective you’ve hired). Perhaps you’ve found a way to break into my therapist’s office, to get info on all my fears and weaknesses to use against me. Consider also inventing a character, if acting as "Ceara" is problematic.

One caveat – the required climax would be that we meet in a public place (Portland perhaps), in character, where you take a big payment from me (or else). Then the game is over, we shake hands and never speak again. To onlookers, we’re just two people in a lounge, public park, etc. If safety is your concern you could bring a friend who sits nearby.

I’d pay you even more to take me somewhere, cuff me and torture me using safe & consensual BDSM techniques (non-sexual though). I really doubt you’d go for that but I just have to ask 😉

For all the reasons men visit your site, I don’t know, but I’ve come to realize that I want to be wanted more than anything – even if that means "wanted dead" by a Femme Fatale.



Now everyone point and laugh.