For real you guys…

wes moreland: whats the kinkiest craziest shit u made do?
Ceara Lynch: I had a guy dig up his mothers grave and then fuck her dead body while eating it at the same time
Ceara Lynch: recorded the whole thing, and then sent the tape to his dad.
wes moreland: NO FUCKIN WAY are you for real.
Ceara Lynch: yeah, a lot of kids were watching too
wes moreland: thats against the law right? get arrest for diggin up grave
Ceara Lynch: No, its legal in the state he’s in. Encouraged, actually


Berhan Yilmaz: firstly i wanted to ask you, if the story with the moutherfucking cannibal right? yeah i read that you already said it is true, but i really can believe that

ISMAIL LULAT: Did u really make that guy dig up grave?