Hi, I was born yesterday.

energydrink77: Good evening Miss Ceara, could You tell me please how much will You charge to break my ribs and kick so hard under Your high heels that in the end i will stay barly alive! is that possible? and You can video tape it and sale for Your enjoiment and for Your slaves/customers to buy
Ceara Lynch: no
energydrink77: oh so no real life sessions?
Ceara Lynch: nope
energydrink77: oh ok thank You for Your honest replays Miss, i wish You all the best in a world, Love You with all my heart!

energydrink77: am i tallking with Ceara Lynch?
Ceara Lynch: no, this is your mom
energydrink77: i wish but i contacted you to see who are you because a week ago i findout that my stupind husband preparing papers on your name to give you one of our Florida houses
Ceara Lynch: riiiiight
energydrink77: he got all red and trow away the papers first i tought he was selling it but i saw your e-mail adress  and your website
Ceara Lynch: yeah, Im totally buying this, do tell me more.
energydrink77: ??? what its buy or not to buy?