Uh, really?


I dropped by your store on clips4sale and and thought i should email and ask…
You do requests?
What about customs?

I might not be able to have customs made just yet(depends on price thou).. but requests i should be able to.. besides i always find it easier to start with requests before spending thousands of dollars on customs. Just to ensure everything will be perfect.

I have a fetish for Limp playing.. basicly limp hand playing and limp hand drops.
Might requests.. and later customs be possible to have made basicly like shortly described below?

You(Ceara)) being knocked out(not for real ofcourse) by a villain, who then undresses you (as far as you would want to go) and then plays with your limp hands, as well as maybe playing with your face a bit as well… possibly carrying you around as well..
Basicly doing just about anything to show that you are completely limp.
Oh and you should not wear makeup.. especially not painted nails. and you should wear a cute bracelet(maybe a hair tie) and a watch, and a few rings.

Sound doable?
If so, i can send you some short clips with good examples of what i like to see.. as well as pictures showing the ideal camera angles (for limp hand play & limp hand drops) I can of course also send you a script so you know better what to film etc.. 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind Regards


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