Apparently my little impostor is back at it again. Check out the entry above to see my little convo with this guy last year. Flat out denied anything and insisted their name was Ceara too.. uh, yeah. whatever you say princess. Have fun not fooling one of my best paying slaves by randomly asking him if he’s "into Financial Domination."

Anyway piss hounds, be warned, someone is preying on your inherent stupidity, and not in the sexy way that I do it.

princessceara: Hey…
princessceara: just wondering…are you into Financial Domination??? I’m wondering how you got on my friendlist which is why i’m asking…
Slave: hi princess, i was but i am not into it anymore
princessceara: Aww thats so sad…why’d you stop?
Slave: going broke was one reason
princessceara: lol thats what its kinda about…what was the other reasons?
Slave: i am not single so it was effecting my ordinary vanilla relationship
princessceara: OoOh I see….so your partner knows about it?
princessceara: Do you think you’ll ever get back into it?

princessceara: Now about last time…If you truly want to serve me then I expect 110% from you…I don’t want you dreaming about serving me..I want you to need me 24/7 and be around when ever I feel like dealing with you. So no running away when things get tough and scary…
princessceara: And just because you want to serve me doesn’t mean I’ll allow you to…
princessceara: I need to break you in and see if you’ll last and how serious you are.
Slave: i understand princess
princessceara: My yahoo disconnected for a sec….you didn’t have to sign off so quick like that…that was rude.
that was the last one

My one and only name on yahoo is "cearaspanties" and the display name appears as "Ceara Lynch."