Nice. Send her on over.

"I wanted to let you know that I fantasize about you dominating my 18 year old daughter. 

She’s petite and pretty and she think’s she’s all that, but truth be told, I get off thinking about you stepping all over her face.  I like the thought of you just totally crushing her beneath your feet in my house, making her suffer and while looking down at her, telling her how her daddy spends her college money on you.  I love the thought of your beautiful, perfect foot pressing down on her exposed throat, slowly crushing the life from her while you make me watch. 

Yes, I know its twisted and wrong but I want so bad to submit to you, to have the privilege of you destroying my family and me, just because you can.  because you felt like it. Twisting out our life the way you would crush a bug or cigarette, because it brought you pleasure. 

Is this a fantasy worthy of your attention?"