Yeah thats right… I know Jack Black.

jack black: how much for how amount of money (cash) would you let someone kiss your ass?
Ceara Lynch: not for sale
jack black: even for 2000 $
Ceara Lynch: nope
jack black: sucks
jack black: sucks to be you
Ceara Lynch: not so much actually
jack black: you have to in some way sell your body
jack black: for money
jack black: actually
Ceara Lynch: Yeah so? Dont hard labor workers sell their body "in some way" too? 
Ceara Lynch: rather be doing that than offering women thousands of dollars to kiss their butt
jack black: haha true
jack black: but im a man
jack black: 🙂
Ceara Lynch: and im a woman, and our president is black, and were all united….
Ceara Lynch: your point?
jack black: man are ussualy dumber
jack black: that is why
Ceara Lynch: oh okay, well hm… my life is looking better and better the more we talk.
jack black: yeah .. but i dont think you reall yundestand but every men that offered you money or who ws threated like shit… actually like it
jack black: and thats why their paying money
jack black: so over all …
jack black: if you think
jack black: they win
jack black: pleasure over money
Ceara Lynch: Most dont want to like it 
Ceara Lynch: im pretty glad my inherent sexuality doesnt cost me ridiculous amounts of money to be fullfilled.
Ceara Lynch: thats just me though, if yours makes you feel like a winner, more power to ya
jack black: ive purchased the vidoes with you personal slaves the lesbo and the bitchface and i noticed you interact with them so how come you dont accept anyone if gives you money to do the same with them
Ceara Lynch: I guess thats just one of those mysteries in life huh?
jack black: ha
jack black: i bet they are really lucky
Ceara Lynch: you could say that
jack black: i still thinik chuck norris could kcik your ass
jack black: no matter what you say
Ceara Lynch: yeah, I wouldn’t bet money on this horse either.