Who needs mypc when you have Harry B?

First, I cleaned out what was left in his niteflirt account and deleting all the skanks on his favorites list.

Then I went into his email account, where I found a picture he took of himself, probably to toy with the idea of sending it to someone like me himself. Little did he know what little choice he’d have in that decision. Oh yeah, and I also found this really cheesy blackmail erotica he wrote about Mitsukai. (Girl if you want want a copy let me know. It’s hilarious.)

Here’s the picture. I might post the uncensored version for fun later. But for now just know that he’s really fucking ugly!

Oh yeah, and I found his phone number in there too.

To top it off, I had a little fun in his twitter account. Gave him a sexy new avatar and everything! Hahaha. This was my first experience using twitter btw, and I still think it sucks!

I changed his email password so he wasn’t able to sign back into YIM. After I was done going through his shit I sent him a “gotcha” text message. How much you want to bet he pissed his pants when he read that??

Total earnings: $600+. Be careful what you wish for.