How to lose money and get yourself blocked in 3 easy steps:

1. Request cam
2. make me wait over 20 minutes for payment for said cam
3. buzz me after 45 seconds of not responding to you.

x_atomic_power Scream: free 4 a cam show ?
Ceara Lynch: sure
 x_atomic_power Scream: how much per 20 min ?
Ceara Lynch: $100
 x_atomic_power Scream: ur name on nf ?
 x_atomic_power Scream: princessceara
 x_atomic_power Scream: Your tribute in the amount of $100.00 has been successfully sent to princessceara.
 x_atomic_power Scream:  BUZZ!!!
Ceara Lynch: are you kidding me?
 x_atomic_power Scream: what is up ?
Ceara Lynch: fuck you
 x_atomic_power Scream:  fuck me ?
x_atomic_power Scream is being ignored