Apparently Im in a good mood. huh.

joemaiuri: so how did the clip turn out? did you really use the tampon?
Ceara Lynch: hell yeah I did, I made sure it was the longest part too
Ceara Lynch: lucky you Im actually on my period so it’s the real deal. no reddish bbq sauce. keep that in mind when you force yourself to watch it
Ceara Lynch: hahaha
joemaiuriso: aurrg! thats just nasty. not my total fanasy but you always win and get your way…see thats how it would be if you married me, you would always win and always have your way : ) i guess you would get bored with me pretty fast.
Ceara Lynch: probably
joemaiuriso: it might make a good clip. think?
Ceara Lynch: yeah, its different
joemaiuriso: if you want i will try to expand on it and if you think u could work with it i would pay again
Ceara Lynch: expand on what? you choked to death on my hair stupid
joemaiuriso: yeah thats right i forgot you killed me,
joemaiuriso: it could be the brother or son or friend, maybe marry him, use and abuse until you tire and kill the dumb bitch
Ceara Lynch: hahaha
joemaiuriso: hmmm, thinking of ways you could kill the next family memeber after i choked to death on the hair ball……shoot? stab? posion? castrate? leathal injection? any ideas???
Ceara Lynch: Lou Gehrigs disease?
joemaiuriso: sorry, how did he die? not sure what that disease is
Ceara Lynch: its a neurodegenerative disease
Ceara Lynch: basically you watch your body deteriorate as youre alive
Ceara Lynch: probably the worst way to go next to alzheimers
Ceara Lynch: of course, I dont know if its anything you can voluntarily give yourself, but that’s okay. "Realism" is not high on my priority list of goals regarding my clips.
joemaiuriso: hmmm, might work if some way you could give it me and watch and taunght as i die before you
Ceara Lynch: why dont you just kill yourself for real and I’ll make a clip of myself laughing at you as you jerk off from beyond the grave?
Ceara Lynch: Im sure satan will appreciate that, we go way back
joemaiuriso: naaa, not really a turn on. but i like the twisted way you think
Ceara Lynch: it wouldnt turn you on to be dead? weird.

SEE?! I don’t make this shit up. Im just giving the rejects of this world what they want. I don’t know what I did to deserve the foul reputation I have, but someday, long after Im dead, I will be appreciated not for my dominant nature or stunning looks, but my limitless generosity I have for the skeevy degenerates of this world. Just you wait.