Buy now, tribute, or delete?

In one of my repetitive cycles of trying to ‘go clean.. no more clips etc etc’ i deleted all my clips. Then once again , i get sucked in and buy the same clips again,,, sometimes it’s for the 3rd time around. Even custom clips that i paid for and then purchased on C4S. It has me wondering then, ‘What is Ceara’s favorite computer button? Is it BUY NOW; TRIBUTE; or is it DELETE! ‘delete’ – knowing that it will be a repeat sale, for the same clip, a few months down the road. ? A new clip drains enough pathetic loser addicts; but old clips keep selling too; and not just to new perverts who just came crawling out from their rocks; it’s the old addicts who keep falling back into the inescapable abyss. like me -jb"