Good job, everyone.


My blog lately has been mostly filled with random emails and conversations I’ve been having lately. Perhaps meaningless to most of you, i still get a kick out of it. When I have something meaningful to say, I will say it. Until then, here’s what the rest of you have been saying:

"I jus wana no if u r really so naive, I mean so stupid 2 still believe n god or the devil, or any other retardd fairy tales…U really hav no idea wat nobility iz, wer beauty cums from, wat it iz or wat worship means & iz do U?? Obviously not retardd bitch, ur jus a dillusional little stupid christian with a slave morality…Such stupidity iz very unbecumN & a huge turn off, dumb ass bytch, fairytale princess retard"

"Dear Dr Ceara Lynch, Is it a sign i have been indulging in too much porn when, during a game of Scrabble, i put down the letters joi, thinking it is a real word? Colleen just looked at me and said wtf? what does that mean?"

james4phone3588: hi
Ceara Lynch: hi
james4phone3588: hi
Ceara Lynch: hi again
james4phone3588: i love your videos
Ceara Lynch: ok
james4phone3588: i am addicted
Ceara Lynch: ok
james4phone3588: can we do a call
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: your gorgeous
Ceara Lynch: i know
james4phone3588: i sent you a blackmail response too
Ceara Lynch: good for you
james4phone3588: when do you do phone
Ceara Lynch: when i feel like it.
james4phone3588: can you let me know
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: u take paypal
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: your a bitch yuo know that

Ceara Lynch: yes I do, actually.
james4phone3588: you need to get laid
Ceara Lynch: done
james4phone3588: by a real guy
Ceara Lynch: a real one? shit. nevermind then. Ive been banging holograms 
james4phone3588: i actually never bought a video of yours
Ceara Lynch: oh ok, 
Ceara Lynch: weird lie, but ok
james4phone3588: i wont give you fucking whores my money
james4phone3588: you and lyn and you other whores
james4phone3588: your prob a bunch of muff diver
Ceara Lynch: soooo, why were you offering me money like 30 seconds ago?
james4phone3588: just to fuck with you
Ceara Lynch: oh wow, my mind is so fucked.. 
james4phone3588: you need to get a real job
Ceara Lynch: yeah youre right, i should give up 6 figures a year to work my ass off for far less
Ceara Lynch: im sure you’d do the same
james4phone3588: go to school
james4phone3588: duh
Ceara Lynch: i am in school
james4phone3588: to be what a cocktail waaitress
Ceara Lynch: yeah, im going to waitressing school, it’s right next door to clown college.
james4phone3588: how could you put your videos up on the web for anyone to see
Ceara Lynch: i like to do it and its lucrative
james4phone3588: what if your kids see it one day
Ceara Lynch: I dont lie about who I am now, I dont see why it’d be any different if i had kids.
james4phone3588: a ho bag
Ceara Lynch: yep
Ceara Lynch: exactly
james4phone3588: so dumb
james4phone3588: thats y you girls never meet nice guys
Ceara Lynch: i get nothing but nice guys, its kind of annoying
james4phone3588: y
Ceara Lynch: because i like badasses like you who are cool enough to berate random women they’re actually quite attracted to on the internet. that really impresses me.
james4phone3588: i was being nice until you pulled the attitude
james4phone3588: cut the attitude
james4phone3588: it is not atttractive
james4phone3588: when i say i love your videos
james4phone3588: can you phone
james4phone3588: it makes me not want to ever buy your videeos
Ceara Lynch: okay, then dont
Ceara Lynch: i dont care
james4phone3588: y are you so mean
james4phone3588: just phone with me
Ceara Lynch: why do you want to call me if you dont like how i act?
james4phone3588: i dont know
james4phone3588: i love to be a whore
james4phone3588: i want to phone bad
james4phone3588: will eat cum for u
Ceara Lynch: well, you just told me you think Im a whore, so im not sure how that would work
james4phone3588: i am sorry
james4phone3588: your really hot
Ceara Lynch: yeah, im aware
james4phone3588: please 
Ceara Lynch: you must be joking
james4phone3588: maybe you will like me
Ceara Lynch: you really think Im going to let you call me while youre ranting like a raging lunatic?
james4phone3588: well i got your attention
Ceara Lynch: you already had it
james4phone3588: oh
james4phone3588: sorry then
james4phone3588: please allow me
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: i will beg
Ceara Lynch: And that benefits me how?
james4phone3588: what do you want
Ceara Lynch: i want to sit here peacefully with my phone lines off
james4phone3588: please
james4phone3588: please
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: someone stole lynnes pics and videos 
Ceara Lynch: link?
james4phone3588: yeah right
james4phone3588: y should i give it to you
Ceara Lynch: because you’ve decided not to act like a prick anymore? guess not.
james4phone3588: i will look for it if you want me to
Ceara Lynch: wow, make up your mind
james4phone3588: i want you bad
Ceara Lynch: too bad
james4phone3588: please
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: please
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: y
james4phone3588: pleas
james4phone3588: i iwll pay you
Ceara Lynch: you’ll pay me? really?!
Ceara Lynch: no
jjames4phone3588: 200
Ceara Lynch: no
james4phone3588: miss attitude
james4phone3588: you really need someone to fuck you in the ass and cum on your face
Ceara Lynch: okay, i’ll get right on that
james4phone3588: ohh she has 5 pics of lynn from her site and offers to sell videos
james4phone3588: go search
Ceara Lynch: i dont even know what Im searching
Ceara Lynch: if you want to send me the link, cool, if not, whatever, girls steal our pictures all the time
james4phone3588: k
james4phone3588: let me cum on your face
Ceara Lynch: I’ll pass
james4phone3588: your nuts
Ceara Lynch: probably
james4phone3588: i spoke to minique at least she is nice
Ceara Lynch: that she is
james4phone3588: and you?
Ceara Lynch: apparently not
Ceara Lynch: haven’t we established that?
james4phone3588: i dont know
james4phone3588: you just have this attitude like your better than everyone
Ceara Lynch: i am
james4phone3588: yeah ok
james4phone3588: thats y your single
Ceara Lynch: single except for my boyfriend, sure.
james4phone3588: bf
james4phone3588: yeah right
Ceara Lynch: yeah, i know, hard to believe a troll like me can bag one, but i got lucky
james4phone3588: so gay
james4phone3588: its like i am talking to a 12 year old
Ceara Lynch: you ask 12 year olds if you can cum on their face?
james4phone3588: not but your personailty is like that of
james4phone3588: the attitude is childish
Ceara Lynch: oh okay, well, maybe someday i can act all grown up like you
james4phone3588: but you are hot
Ceara Lynch: yeah, you keep saying that
Ceara Lynch: i get it
james4phone3588: its like you dont appreciate everyone that buys your clips
Ceara Lynch: yeah, I pretty much dont
james4phone3588: see
james4phone3588: attitude
Ceara Lynch: see what? im not disagreeing with you
james4phone3588: you have a bitchy attitude
Ceara Lynch: again, im aware
james4phone3588: its not attractive
Ceara Lynch: it’s really not my goal in life to be attractive for you. 
james4phone3588: i know
james4phone3588: ok
jjames4phone3588: let me phone with you ?
Ceara Lynch: no

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  1. 518sub

    I can’t believe you let that guy go one that long. Even I would have blocked him long before that ended. You have a lot patience. What a waste of time that guy is.

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