Games, games, games

If only I could show you how transparent you are. Every game you try and play I’ve won a thousand times before. Push my buttons ignite some free abuse? you get indifferent civility. Pretend like you don’t want something that you really do? You won’t get it. Insult me to get a reaction? I’ll probably agree with you. Don’t get me wrong, when you do your $$part$$, I play along. But if you shove the board in my face, tribute dodging along the way, I will checkmate you in a heartbeat. 

jamespadina: im drunk at my old college roommates. i have 2 choices right now. meet up with him at the bar or get raped by u
Ceara Lynch: ok
jamespadina: ur choice really
Ceara Lynch: nope, its yours. tribute or fuck off.
jamespadina: i choose fuck off
Ceara Lynch: cool, bye
jamespadina: bye
jamespadina: r u kidding me? i obsess about u every day. of course im tributing. youll see it soon
Ceara Lynch: uh ok?
jamespadina: nevemind didnt realize u were such a bitch
Ceara Lynch: you didnt? wow.
jamespadina: i didnt
Ceara Lynch: so, in other words, you didnt do any research on me whatsoever
jamespadina: no
jamespadina: in other words im talking out my ass
Ceara Lynch: mmkay
jamespadina: just gimme a number in dollars i need to triubte to talk to u tonight instead of go out and be pathetic thats all i ask
Ceara Lynch: $100
jamespadina: my friends are calling me to the bar, ill tribute u tomorrow i promise
Ceara Lynch: whatever dude
jamespadina: u think i want this?
Ceara Lynch: i really dont care
jamespadina: what i am i uspposed to tell them
jamespadina: ai kno u dont
jamespadina: but i do
jamespadina: sorry
Ceara Lynch: well, that makes it YOUR problem then
jamespadina: all i ask is that u dont block me, and we can talk tomorrow?
jamespadina: or is this my last shot
Ceara Lynch: i’ll probably just block you
jamespadina: probably for the best