Randy and Gordon

(This is Randy pretending to be a Dom. Everyone point and laugh.)

Randy you worthless piece of shit, what the fuck is wrong with you? One minute you’re whimpering like a starving puppy as your feeble mind spins in a cloud of chronic, the next you’re MIA. Weren’t you suppose to call Kyaa yesterday? What happened? Got too stoned and forgot? Yeah right. Fuck you Randy. That isn’t even the first mistake you’ve made lately. How about that video you’re suppose to make me? Hm? You’re running out of excuses, and your promises are becoming less reliable. Normally I would just ignore this kind of bad behavior because I’ve lost so much faith in a subs ability to obey and take orders at all and I don’t believe in rewarding that with more attention. But you’re different, Randy. And I know you will do as you’re told. All I have to do is light a little fire under your ass and you’re back, begging at my feet, hungry for your next mind fuck.

Im taking things to the next level. I have serious plans to put you to work so you can generate more money to feed into the ever growing, unstoppable empire of team tease. Creating a twitter account to notify all your little fag-fans of when your phone lines are on is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact me ASAP. The world will soon see the lengths an addict will go to feed his hunger for control.


Speaking of taking things to the next level, anyone notice this? How exactly does a 5 month old clip sky rocket to first place on kinkbomb after only a few days? I’ll tell you why, because Gordon is so fucking invested in ruining his pathetic life he’d actually take it upon himself to purchase this clip until it got there. What a whore. I smell a part 2 coming soon. You won’t believe what I found out about this bitch this time. I’m going to program this guy into becoming a full blown agoraphobia, too ashamed to ever leave his house again.

Oh yeah, and BTW:

Yep. Still got it.