Slave of hell

In English:

Hi Ceara Lynch. I am a nineteen year old Spanish boy who was found by chance your website. I have to admit that seeing a single picture of you is really hypnotized me, I thought, as there may be a human being so beautiful, can not be real, since then I remove from my mind. Blinded by your beauty I started searching the internet has more things about you and discovered you’re a girl after in that beautiful angelic face hides a cruel goddess, and I have to confess that it really attracts me to you, because you’re a girl playing with the imagination of a few perverted men, are like a beautiful goddess unattainable laughs and plays with her slaves, and that torture is what makes you so appealing.
Took several days thinking of you, and imagining things that you can not imagine what, up to and dreamed about you once, I’ve practically your stolen my soul, soul now belongs to you, but as they are unattainable I thought it might do something for you and for you as well as satisfy my soul. You see I am a draftsman, drawing comics but I’m still learning, and I am also quite a fan of anime and fantasy novels and like you’re a big fantasy I’d like to make a picture for you, which you’d come out, it will not have content would be more sexual but spiritual, it would be a drawing in honor of you and your person. If you accept my proposal I promise to put body and soul in that picture, would make me very happy that you wanted them draw and I would be thrilled if you like as well.

I hope you will answer me if you really want to make you a drawing does not know how happy I would. Because to do so I need your approval.

And now I forgive my letter asking you to have bothered you, thank you for having bothered to read to me and ask also apologize for my bad English

To all this it just tell you that I’ve become a zombie sad light dreams is you, well I hope your answer and I wish you much peace and many happy in your life.




Yes, it’s me again and I send this email to tell you that now I understand everything, and how this world of female domination, and that also this world revolves around big money. I know you laugh in all patients who masturbate thinking about you, and you put in a position to reach for your "slaves" so that they get sick even more so they become mindless robots. Do you often say that all are losers with no social life, depressed, you know how your brain and you know they are sending you happy will make money for you to insult them with a certain charm while recording from a camera down your POV. Then I come to tell you also know the sad and demonic performance of your brain, you’re more than a man who unknowingly sold her soul to the devils, you think you have power but you too are just another slave of money, yes, that is what you are a slave of money and Satan and everything that represents evil, just play to be a Succubus. In this world there is everything, and this business esque shit amazes me, I loathe you and the rest of the clowns who make money in this world of female domination.

Just come to tell you that mail you send it before retirement, I admit your guilt at the time appealed to me, but I realized that just ruin my life, like many of your slaves, today me and come to reason of my hand, and do not expect me my money. Here in Spain most beautiful girls I know you and do not have a mind as sick as yours.

In the end, you will laugh at this email and send you another before, but the truth esque ami me a shit, as U.S. society puts money above all else, instead of where I come from we are more spiritual.

The only relationship you’ll have will be from time to time, when I get bored and feel like I jerk off with some of your photos, but really prefer a good normal porn movie.

Of course, all these bitches with whom you surround yourself with are very good. If you were all here I would violate all up to you to stop breathing. Slave of hell!

Well you do well in the West Coast.

Adios XD