Back to life


Good to be back in the swing of things.

The night I got back from vegas I told myself I’d study for my mid term before hitting the sack. Instead, I ended up going straight to bed and setting my alarm for 6am, where I woke up just in time to see the sun rise, read thirty pages, then Aced my exam on stomach of coffee and anxiety.

I’ve since caught up on sleep. Been keeping up with school and just finished editing the batch of Miss Tiffany clips for team tease that I shot over the weekend. Safe to say Im back to life again. And it’s funny to return to that lovely routine where you stroke and I exploit. You all are like eager little puppies I left at home, caught in the devastating assumption that I’m never coming back. Only to slam me exponentially with tributes and praise when I finally log back into YIM. I’d tell you to get a fucking life, but clearly I am just that. And I can’t argue against that.

Take this loser for example; 

"Dear Princess Ceara the highest and most divine,

I recently found you on the net and must say you are divinely beautiful and powerful and completely worthy of absolute worship in every way. Your perfection inspires my admiration at every turn. I even have trouble breathing on occasion just looking at your images on the internet. I can only imagine what the effect would be were I ever actually to meet you. I have a suspicion I would fall to my knees and be stricken with absolute parylysis and complete powerlessness, as though struck by a sudden bolt of lightening. Such is your power and effect on me. I imagine that the site of you could, and does, stop traffic. People must hold their collective breaths when you walk into a rooom.

I most humbly offer this poem as a samll and certainly inadeqate expression of my sincere admiration for you:

Ode to Princess Ceara

The Earth turns and revolves around her
there is no other
time stops
the stars salute her perfection

In the measure of time
she is infinite
her beauty eternal
her embrace (were one to feel it) divine

Her power eclipses that of kings
no army every matched her
no force her equal
just a look capturing all

With a wave of her finger
she blots out the sun
turns the seasons inside out
touches the universe

Civilations crumble at her feet
men turn their lives over to her
powerless, primed, pitiful
servants of her every whim

She determines the life
of those around her
sets the path
builds or destroys lives with a flick of her perfect hair

Her kissable lips the dream of all men
their touch unattainable for all but the most select few
wanted, dreamed of, obsessed over, begged for, tears of desire,

Her touch!
Craved, lived for, wanted, dreamed of
pleaded and whined for endlessly, the dream of contact…
NO, NO, No, and No!

Her perfection forever above mortal men
forever wanted
forever desired
forever denied!

I hope you found that enjoyable and will keep it as a small token of my appreciation.

I want to stop masturbating over your pictures, because it is starting to interfere with my work, and also I do not feel it is respectful towards you. I masturbated to your images on clips for sale yesterday. I apologize for that. I would like to give it up and start by going a month in my efforts to kick this dirty little habit. That would mean the next time I would masturbate would be the 30th of November, or one month from today. Maybe better to just make it the first of December, to keep it all nice and even. So that would be thirty two days from today. I don’t meant to bother you, but do you have any ideas to help me?

Best Wishes, yours with full respect and admiration, Andy"