goto jail for me

Sissy Sandra has been on my nuts lately, totally hooked on buying custom clips of humiliation assignments. The most recent one is a little different; instead of talking to him, I’m speaking directly to his r/t mistress, Monica, giving her specific instructions for their little hotel get away. The slut even refrained from watching it himself until afterward. And he came back with pictures! What a nice surprise. I swear you fags don’t document your degradation for me often enough. You can learn a thing or two from this winner:


Any Mistress with who wears a snow leopard shirt in her sessions is A-OK in my book. Nice work, Monica!


Speaking of customs, here’s a fabulous request that found it’s way into my inbox. What do you guys think? Should I go for it? (Im a sucker for guys who talk about me in the 3rd person.)

"Hello there,
My name is J and i was hoping you would make a video for me? It is a wierd video, 1 which will not have done before and most prob never do again. I want Mistress Ceara to walkaround the streets with 2 guys(1 to film and 1 to beat someon up) looking for an innocent man. When you have found your victim i want Mistress to ask him if he could walk her through an alleyway because she is scared(you could film this by saying Mistress is making a documentary for T.V) then half way through the alleyway her other male friend could block them off, then Mistress look at the victim and say with a giggle "looks like i have set you up, im gonna so enjoy watching my man beat the fucking shit out of you" then she tells her friend to punish him.

Could Mistress then instruct her male freind how to beat him, instruct him what to do. I want a very violent beating with Mistress really enjoying herself while the victim gets a good beating. i want alot of blood maybe some broken bones(arm?) Could Mistress wear thighhigh boots with a latex catsuit on?

i want alot of faceshots and ass shots of Mistress while the beating takes place, could the beating last about 20mins.
at the end of the beating could Mistress stand over the victim and say "you pathetic peice of shit, watching you suffer turned me on so much, then spit at him and stamp on his balls and kick his face. I want this done in an alleyway because there is no witnesses, If it is easier you could beat up a homeless man.


If this is too much then im sorry