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Sissy assignment
Custom clip request: "This is a very specific assignment. It might be to buy a particular type sissy outfit – being as specific as possible, to include all clothes, and make up, and then once I have bought it, to dress for you, and then to listen as you humiliate me for being such a sissy faggot. I adore the kind of assignment that requires me to be in public, but in secret. So wearing full lingerie under me clothes to buy the outfit, or to be dressed in lingerie, then go to a toilet in a mall, put a butt plug in and then walk home. Anything humiliating and degrading, and as specific as possible. Perhaps you could do a series of assignments – I would buy them all! (on a twist on number 1 above, it might be to take some food with me to a park, or other relatively public, although secluded spot, and fill my pants with food there, before returning to eat it…) "

Humiliation assignment for mess slobs
Custom clips request: I have always had a messy fetish – mainly regarding food in my knickers. I would like you to be dressed in a sexy outfit, and looking down at the camera, laugh at my ridiculous, nasty fetish, and then proceed to order me to dress in some large panties, several pairs of tights, a bra and a girlie top. Then spend the main part of the clip instructing me to buy lots of very specific food stuff. Eggs are great, bananas and food are also pretty good. Please give me a shopping list,then make me pause the clip and go to buy it all. On my return, you delight in making me stuff the slimey food into the front and back of my panties, and if you like my bra too. Once it is all in, you will order me to wear it for at least a few hours (although you decide!), again, with the clip paused. Finally, on returning to the clip, you would be laughing at my ridiculously messy state, and make me empty the food from my pants/bra onto the desk in front of my screen. Then laughing, order me to eat it all up like a good doggy.

Drink it down
What can I say? My best ideas come when Im sititng on the pot. The lesbo was just outside my door doing my chores when I decided to torture her. She will do ANYTHING for me – including drinking my own waste! What kind of fucked up bitch is this?? Don’t get me wrong, she can’t stand the taste of my hot, thick, musky nectar, but she also can’t say no to me. Watch as I talk her into sucking down each and every nasty drop.

Cuckold jerk off instruction
My boyfriend is coming over and you’re still lingering around? Just because we’re married doesnt mean you can follow me around like a puppy . You know the drill, hide in the closet, and try to keep the whimpering down. I know you can’t resist how hot I look in my outfits I wear for him. You picked them out, after all. Since we have a few minutes let me make sure you still remember how to stroke it properly. I can’t stand a sloppy form. A girl can’t control her husband if she can’t control his dick, so let’s practice before my date.

Jerk it, loser.
Ah, the quintessential foot clip of a humiliatrix. Is there nothing you bitches eat up more? Only 5 minutes long because well, lets be honest, you probably won’t last half that. So go ahead, loser, stare at the bottoms of my feet as I rip you to shreds. You know it’s only going to leave you begging for more

Harry Hannah
Custom clip request "I want to be humiliated, and felt useless as a man. I have a date in about two hours and rather then making a game plan about getting laid, or buying her flowers, I am busy dressing up just imaginging if I could be the girl, and how it would be like to be on the bottom and have my pussy penettarated by a strapon. I actually am more excited about the fact that I ordered a dress, heels, and a baby doll nightie, then trying get laid for the date. I am still trying on different pair of panties. Please dont show the pictures on the video, but make reference to them and humiliate me, especially the one where I am using the vibrator. This was my first time, but I actually poped my cherry and actually reached orgasm through the vibrator. If you were my friend and discovered pictuers of me like this what would you do to me. I dream about getting publicly humiliated, forced to shave my legs, wear bright red lipstick. I am afraid of how women will react seeing me in the ladies room, and remind me that women sit down and . I want to be exposed, and taken out to public and be the submissive in a relationship, who wears the panties and is on the bottom. I want a woman to take over me, I am okay even being cuckold. In the video, please use my real name Harry and feel free to give me a girly name.I am 24 years old and remind me that a normal man does not do such a thing. And please comment on the pictures. Please encourage me to give up being a man, and just start wearing skirts, dresses, shaving me legs. Give me a suggestion on how I could tell one of my female friends."

Family fun
Kinda funny how life works out sometimes. One moment you’re innocently playing monopoly with your sister, the next you’re trying to contain your raging boner around her. She decides today to vent about her day at school; nonchalantly flaunting her gorgeous bare feet as she whines about how sore they are from walking class to class. Your nervous fidgeting grabs her attention and she immediately notices the tent you’re pitching. She’s always had the upper hand and humiliated you your entire life, why would today be any different? Before you know it she’s talked you into pulling out your cock and stroking it to her feet. Your own fIesh and bIood. How FUCKED are you? She tears you apart for being so pathetic and desperate as you pound it frantically to her manic laughter. Teasing you to climax, an evil smile is plastered on her face the entire time. As if jerking off in front of your sister wasn’t humiliating enough, you realize you are only going to want this more and more. Somehow, sis knows too, and hands her homework over to you. If you want to have this kind of family fun again, you better get to work

Feet for sex
Im going to demolish your sex life. Not like you had much of one to begin with — but it’s time to replace it something much more appropriate; my feet. That’s right bitch, welcome to your sexual replacement. Every time you find yourself wanting sex or given an opportunity for sex, you will excuse yourself, goto your office, lock the door, and watch this clip instead. Enjoy

For Monica
Custom clip: "You talk only to Monica, my domme, and not to me. In fact I will not watch the clip until after I have had my session with Monica, so I don’t know what you have put in it. So basically you just give Monica suggestions for what she can do with me for that session. It usually lasts about an hour and she’s down with pretty much every dirty and degrading act. In past sessions she’s used strapons on me, she’s forced me to wear womens lingerie and made me eat cum from condoms of her other customers. You can make her do any of those things or anything you come up with yourself. Personally I’m into sissification, anal play, verbal humiliation, cum eating instruction, forced bi and public humiliation. I’m usually not much for pain, but I would endure it if you and Monica wanted to inflict it on me. Also, one of the fantasies that arouses and scares me the most is if Monica dresses me in my pink sissy baby dress and then steals my real man clothes, so I have to walk home in my dress. Really, I’d do anything you came up with and Monica would just think it’s fun if you came up with something that was meaner than something she’d think of, so in this clip you’d have an obedient slave and a hot pro-domme at your fingertips, doing whatever you

Titty jerk off instruction
It’s hilarious how normal, grown men quickly turn into drooling jerking zombies the moment my gorgeous cleavage is displayed. Go ahead bitch, enjoy yourself. I’ll even encourage you along the way. With each clip you are only becoming more and more conditioned into being my little stroking pay pet. 10 minutes of my time equals thousands in your wallet. You know you love it

I am your world
Ceareons rejoice! Your cult leader is back with a very important message. Want to be reminded of your true savior? Want to know how to best worship and praise me? It’s all in here. I will take your sad pathetic life and show you your true potential as my wanking, paying worshipper. Most gods require you to just "trust" in their existence. Why take that naive leap of faith when you can see your true goddess in the flesh? I am real, baby. And I am your world