The Bitch Next Door: Day One.

I just released the first of my seven part chastity series entitled, "The Bitch Next Door." It will be an ongoing blackmail and orgasm denial challenge for you stroke junkies eager to learn some discipline. Imagine having me, the cruelest bitch you know, as your next door neighbor growing up. A certain chain of events has made it so that tiny cock of yours is locked into chastity and I hold the key, making you my slave for the next 30 days. During this time I am going to test your endurance. You will teased, humiliated, and brain washed any way I see fit. You have no choice but to obey me or else key goes bye bye and mommy will know all about the daily jerk off habits I’ve been recording. 

A new clip will be released every other day marking a new day of torment. For best results, lock your little worm away for the next month and suffer through a clip or two every week, watch as your balls turn a disturbing shade of blue. 

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