I just updated the Team Tease Members Site with a new member; Tessa. This stunning brunette has a very lady-like way about her. When we filmed her at fetishcon, she explained to Monique and I that she didn't like saying anything "dirty." ..Weird, right? Needless to say we weren't sure what to make of that, so we just let her do her thing. The result? Soft spoken seductive dominance without all the foul mouthed sailor-swearing that most of us on the team are known for. Tessa proves you don't need a brassy mouth to turn a man into a slave.

Check out her debut clip, "Tessa holds the key" exclusively on our members site, along with a dozen more high quality pictures.

Tessa holds the key
Tessa has always been more than just a girlfriend; she is truly a goddess. Which is why you were always puzzled as to why she ever started dating you. Today everything becomes perfectly clear. She never saw you as a lover, but merely another object for her to possess. Now you must be locked away into chastity if you want to keep her in your life. She dangles the key in front of your face, torturing you, and calmly explaining her future plans.

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