It’s been a couple weeks now since I’ve been back from Europe , I figure I should sit my ass down and write about it.

Barcelona: I need to redo this city sometime. Something about arriving into a muggy foreign country all jetlag, PMSing, and without my luggage for the first 3 days that kind of put a damper on things. Go figure. On the bright side, Antoni Gaudi’s work was worth seeing. Plus there was that exhilarating night we met a pilot from Columbia that fed us copious amounts of tequila until my lips were loose enough to over-share my thoughts on monogamy.

Brussels: Note to self; don’t ever live here lest I ever decide to tap into the BBW market. I’m pretty sure I gained 90% of the weight I accumulated on this trip in this city alone. Chocolate, pomme frites, and waffles all coexisting within a majestic land flowing with wondrous carbonated beverages made of yeast. And let’s not forget the fact that this city’s most famous landmark is the statue of a little boy pissing, followed by the statue of a little girl pissing, which is then followed by the statue of a dog pissing. It was all I could do to keep myself from gathering the towns people to shower upon them my own golden legacy. Brussels, you’re alright with me.

London: So, since I can’t stand the idea of having an actual “vacation,” I was determined to visit London mainly for the fact that I knew a lot of Dommes lived there and figured they might be down to do some content trade. Luckily they were and I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine Jones, Goddess Samantha, and Goddess Penelope. We rented out a rather inexpensive dungeon in the area and busted out some pretty fantastic clips (found here:

Beside that, I arranged numerous meet ups with various submissive fans interested in handing me a cash tribute in person. Out of all the boners I talked to, one of them actually came through. He was well dressed (just got off work) and had the biggest shit eating grin on his face when he handed the £300 over to my greedy, well manicured hands. I let him gush for a short while as he told me what a big fan he was of my death-themed clips, particularly “Die For Me” and “Kill Your Parents.” I encouraged him to follow through with his desires and not let a silly thing like a “disclaimer” get in the way. Hopefully someday I’ll read his name in the newspaper.

Paris: Dirty, crowded, and over priced. Glad we didn’t stay any longer here than we did. The highlight by far was meeting up with Bratty Bunny and my homegirl Lyne while she was enjoying her honeymoon.

Amsterdam: By far my favorite city. Dutch people have it made. Charming canals, easy sex, and “coffee” shops at every corner. I met up with Bratty Bunny again here too. We spent an eventful evening touring the red light district where we waved enthusiastically at every prostitute we passed by. Our boys had their fill checking out the talent, but I’d say the real show was watching various johns stumbling about with their faces more rouge than the rooms they walked into. I’m still bummed we didn’t stay longer here. Bunny and her boyfriend ended up going to a live sex show the day we left and made a point to rub it in my face by sending me a picture of their tickets. My boyfriend reminded me that live sex shows aren’t exactly a foreign concept in Portland. But c’mon. Who wants to see locals have sex?

Berlin: Cool graffiti. That was about it. I feel like I should have more to say about this city considering the inhuman way in which many of my friends nearly lose their eyeballs from their very skull at the mere mention of the place… but, it was the tail end of my trip and maybe didn’t care enough to see what it was all about.

I gotta say, theres nothing like a 3 full weeks of fermenting in Euro trash to make me appreciate my lovely, green, english-speaking home in the Northwest. I can’t wait until next week when I goto Tampa and I can look forward to coming home even more.

13 thoughts on “Europe

  1. Slave andy1

    I would have really loved to have read Your thoughts on my capital…. London. What did You think of the place? Did You get to see much of the city? Really good and well write post, I really enjoyed reading it! The pictures are fantastic too!

    slave andy x

    1. cearalynch

      I didn’t do much sight seeing in London; it was mostly a work/social trip. I did check out the London bridge and saw where they were setting up for the olympics from afar, but that was about it.

  2. billyinc1

    Thank You Goddess Ceara for sharing with us some many details regarding Your Euro tour. It is a wonderful and interesting read Goddess Ceara.

  3. UKPayslaveLuke

    Surprised you didn’t like Berlin, but admire your candid review. Would have journeyed down to meet you in London, were it not for the fact that a day’s train ticket cost more than it does to fly to Paris. The sexual thrill of being ripped-off does not apply as much to train companies as it does to hot, bratty American Goddesses.
    Enjoying the new blog so far.


  4. weakwimp

    For me, Gaudi’s work and architecture (Casa Mila, La Sagrada Familia) make Barcelona fantastic. I hope you managed to see his amazing mosaics in the Park Guelle. Thanks for the report, and pics. Can you let us know your thoughts on monogamy sometime?

  5. Goddess Kuro

    Ugh, I hope you come to London soon, would have been nice to see the infamous sardonic Ceara Lynch and get drunk or something. I didn’t even realise you were here until you had gone. I feel sad.

  6. womenrule

    Really great entry and fabulous pics. i was shocked when You tweeted You didn’t like Barcelona but now i see there were extenuating circumstances.

  7. Stevejob

    great to know that goddess went to my country, germany. hope you’ll be in hamburg sometime in the future.

  8. Henry

    Godammit!! I can’t believe I missed this. This is because I’ve removed myself somewhat from the Femdom scene in recent months and then I miss this opportunity to meet one of the very few dommes who excite me enough to be willing to actually fork out some nice cash. You can count these dommes on one hand, as for the rest, the hole Femdom scene has become a joke these days. Each year more self-proclaimed princesses and “lifestyle” dommes hop on the train (maybe a worthwile topic to blog about once in a while?) in hopes of making a buck with the least effort possible. They have no clue what it takes to be a worthy domme and have no understanding of the sub’s psychology. How so many men (I don’t count these as submissives, at least not healthy submissiveness, many seem eager to bow down to anyone that looks remotely female and I’ve seen my share of real ugly dommes) can jerk off to their shitty content is a mystery to me, I used to download tons of shit in hopes of finding the odd jewel and I found a couple goddesses who stood out but the vast majority just suck, their overacting is hilarious at best and annoying & awkward at worst. You’re supposed to jerk off to the clip but it’s so unintentional comical that you end up laughing hysterically with your shrinking dick in your hand. So I delete most of this crap immediately after reviewing, the most hilarious ones I keep for my amusement.
    You’re one of the few dommes who is able to do a scene with the authenticity necessary to get me really excited. I realize it’s hard to produce convincing POV content and you can pride yourself to be one of the few dommes who has a real knack for doing these humiliation videos (you could work on your vocabulary though, pathetic and loser gets tiresome after a while), that obviously explains your ongoing popularity. Many subs would disagree I guess and state you’re so popular because of your looks and you’re a stunner no doubt about that but for me it’s the combination of looks and your personality that makes me admire you so much. Plus I dislike the traditional stereotypical dungeon & leather scenario, I’m totally addicted to the bratty young girl type and you personify the spoiled cruel brat perfectly, your earlier vids teasing men in pigtails, top and shorts are a testament to that. Generally I prefer your solo vids over your collaboration with other dommes as most of your TeamTease partners ruin a scene for me with their overacting. I do love the ones with Kyaa though, the virgin jerk off-instructions, the boot worship and homework slaveboy vids I count amonst some of my favourite Ceara Lynch content. I guess you don’t like me dowloading your stuff still I’m sure there are plenty of other piggies left to fill up your account over and over 🙂

    I doesn’t surprise me the least that only one boner came through, most “slaves” are all talk. I’m not the most experienced guy but let me tell you if you happen to visit Europe again I’m prepared to show up for a meeting. On you’re livejournal entry there was this guy from Amsterdam who wrote he wanted to meed you to lick your shoes clean in return for cash and you replied with your email so I assume you’d be up for this. May I ask if this guy was a no-show or if you never actually reached an agreement for a meeting?
    Licking the shoes of a goddess clean is basically my main fetish so I’d be willing to hand over 3- 400 Euros if you allowed me to lick your dirty heels (I’d offer you a pair on Amazon before if you wish) for 5 minutes. Would also pay a fee in advance to prove I’m not a waste of time. So if you happen to plan another trip to Europe please let me know. I live in Switzerland and obviously would prefer to meet here for such a short meeting but pending my mood I would maybe also be prepared to come to Paris or Barcelona, just combine it with a weekend trip. I hate Berlin and am not too fond of Amsterdam and London so this is out of the picture and don’t get me even started on Brussels haha. Too bad you left Paris with a bad taste however, someone needs to show you the real city, not the crowded Eiffel tower – Montmartre – Pigalle standard tourist tour but all the interesting spots. True, Paris isn’t what it used to be anymore, too many immigrants among other problems but there are still many places where you can experience that Parisian magic, I happen to know the city very well. To discover Paris one has to take its time and you got to travel outside too and visit the Loire Valley with its many splendid castles. If you have any interest in history & architecture you got to see these castles, gardens and landscapes shaped by Renaissance ideals, not to mention the terrific wine. Check out pics of Chateau de Chambord, Chenonceau, Azay-le-Rideau or the gardens of Chateau de Villandry for example – these are mindblowing, just like you! And I do have a thing for Barcelona too.

    I disgress and ramble, just in the mood to write a bit. So maybe there will be another chance for an encounter in the near future? The thought of seeing you in a hot outfit with killer heels turns me on bigtime. I’d be on my knees in a heartbeat begging to be allowed to lick your dirty shoes clean (the dirtier the better, I’m not like these wannabee “slaves” in vids who hardly touch the sole of an already clean shoe with their tongue) and being treated like a dog! Haha I could see myself seriously begging you like a lil bitch and you could amuse yourself, slap me around or do whatever you feel like.

    Would be nice to get a response,

    Take care


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