When I was on my 3 week European vacation, the thought of jumping on a plane and heading across country only 2 weeks after I returned home was enough to make me want to rage. I love to travel, but it’s stressful. Never the less, this Thursday I’ll be leaving the best weather in Portland for the worst weather in Tampa to attend Fetishcon. I encourage you all to take pause and empathize with my difficult life…….

Ok thanks.

But really though, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it. Any trip where I have the opportunity room with this filthy broad is one I wouldn’t want to miss;

This of course, is none other than the lovely Mistress T. I hope she remembers to wear pants this time. hahaha just kidding, no I don’t.

And if that wasn’t enough to get me revved up, check out the line up of professional bitches I’ll be working with;

I have a make-out date with this hot young thang right here; Princess Fierce. I had the pleasure of being drunk dialed by her not 5 minutes after I emailed her my number. She told me I had the voice of a young professional and was shocked that I didn’t sound like the sassy bitch she imagined myself to be. What can I say? Maybe I should have gave her my niteflirt number.

Kinky & geeky socialite Orias will be hittin up my room close to midnight to shoot for team tease. I met this chick last year at the con and liked her immediately. I can’t wait to exploit her sick mind again.

And then we have the lovely Miss Scarlett Lush. I met this sexy red head briefly last year at fetishcon. She expressed interest in shooting for team tease but at the time Monique and I were pretty booked up. I made a point to seek her out and make it happen this year. Can’t wait.

Natalie Lain

This gorgeous blonde will be my foot worshipping slave girl this year. Nuff said.

Round two with penthouse pet and playboy cyber girl, Danielle Trixie. Dreamy, isn’t she? Those lips, too, will be mine, if I have anything to say about it.

And last but certainly not least, we have the one and only tits magee Alexandra Snow! I’ve been kicking myself for missing the chance to shoot with her during AVN last January. This weekend shall make up for lost time.

That all said, if any one of you out there in perv-o land are interested in a custom clip with myself and any of the women above, now would be the appropriate time to email me your requests: contact@cearalynch.com

I’m also accepting applications for film slaves. Be warned though, I don’t really need one and can afford to be quite picky. The requirements are that you must:

– Be willing to sign a model release

-Be willing to go on film unmasked

-Be reasonably attractive or average looking

-Not be a total creep (i.e. be professional. put your sexual interest aside and understand you are here to serve myself and my product, not your dick.)

-Pay a $100 non refundable deposit in advance

-Participate in clips involving foot/shoe/boot worship, spitting, humiliation, and (if possible) ball busting

Please do not email me to negotiate any of the terms above. They are non-negotiable. If you think you have what it takes, send in your application attached with a (clothed) picture of yourself to contact@cearalynch.com

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  1. randy

    i so wish i was going to be at FetishCon again this year . So many creative , dominant woman from the internet there along with you . I dont have the look you like for video but i did enjoy my time with you and Princess Monique there last year . I see Mistress Orias will be there again , she was fantastic , please tell her randy says hi .Whos the lucky addict that gets to run your errands this year ? Hope you have a great time in Tampa even though i know you hate the heat .

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