How not to get what you want

A recent email:

Hello Ceara. I was wondering if You are sessioning during Your visit to Tampa for Fetishcon. would love to serve You

My reply:
I don’t do sessions. But my friend Mistress T does; email:

His reply:
is there anyway to convince You…i am only submissive to exceptionally attractive ladies…and You are one of them….i can do whatever You like

My reply:
Again, I don’t do sessions. Never have. I don’t know why you’d be any kind of exception.

His reply:
there is always exception to rules….if You change Your mind please let me know..i can be very generous

My reply:
Why on earth would I change my mind? You’ve said absolutely nothing to differentiate yourself. Unless your idea of “serving” is handing me a million dollars and then walking away, it’s not going to happen.

His reply:
well..i am clean ,disease free professional…..i am not interested in sessioning with anyone…but select few..
not sure how to convince You…but if you really like humiliation sessions…..You are Free to do whatever You like…. i am not into CP/Genital/piercing…so not a pain slut but craving to be Humiliated…You can try anything You like…..including open to showers

My reply:
So, your way of attempting to be an exception to my rule is by telling me you like to be humiliated and maybe get peed on…? You think that makes you different? Like I have a shortage of men who I base my very lucrative living off of?

Oh wait… AND you’re disease free. Because that’s completely relevant.. Pigs are flying, hell is snowing, and I’ll probably fuck you so I need to know if you have STDs.

His reply:
i dont think i want to session with anyone who has infections….even if they dont touch me…i am willing to take first Brown from You…if You are interested

My reply:
You seem to be functioning on the ridiculous misconception that my primary motive for being a humiliatrix is because I find it intrinsically gratifying, rather than the plain fact that this is a job that I expect to be compensated for. Surely you can see how absurd it is of you to try and persuade me into providing sexual services I’ve explicitly told you I have no interest in doing by trying to turn those very services into my incentives? I could ask you to come over to paint my house. But if you don’t want to paint my house, do you really think me telling you I want you to paint it blue with white trim will somehow persuade you into doing it?

That’s not to say you could possibly pay me enough money to shit on you. I make far too much money not doing things that I find absolutely revolting. But consider this the next time you’re trying to “change the mind” of a professional who has communicated to you that they don’t provide the type services you’re looking for.

His reply:
sorry for my ignorance….so what would it take for You to do it?

10 thoughts on “How not to get what you want

  1. Mina Thorne (@MinaThorne)

    What? He didn’t offer body (pussy) worship? I think he is really falling short of what we expect from slaves (gag). Just think, people wonder why some of us don’t like doing sessions and actually being in the same room as these idiots. I think my IQ just suffered a severe drop simply by reading his responses.

  2. Shane

    so Ceara…when are you gonna show your naked ass & pussy…all that humiliatrix shit is BORING!!..remamber GAIN SOME WEIGHT!!

  3. John

    “is there anyway to convince You…i am only submissive to exceptionally attractive ladies…and You are one of them….i can do whatever You like” Intellectual dynamite.

  4. Shane

    That John is a fucking looser….Ceara…make sure when u gain weight it’s in your ass….i like it Phat, round , plump & bouncing…i need to fit my dick in it…ahhhh

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