I took a trip to Seattle this last weekend to attend HUMP (Dan’s Savage’s amateur porn festival.) I’ve been wanting to go for a number of years now but for one reason or another never made it. This year I made a point to go and decided to invite my all time favorite Canadian trollop, Mistress T, since Seattle is about equidistance between us. As suspected that turned out to be a very good decision.


I have a really hard time justifying traveling anywhere these days unless I’m getting some work done. So I lined up some shoots and I contacted team tease brat, Momo ,to see if she was down to channel her inner bitch for the camera. Being the super rad chick that she is, she was totally down, and even talked her boyfriend into being a film slave with her. Score.

The shoot went great. I can’t believe this girl is only 19. She’s well versed in the world of kink due to the fact that she’s been sneaking into fetish clubs since she was 15. She worked as a professional switch in London for a while and played the drums in a crazy punk band where she regularly performed topless wearing a 8″ strap-on. No joke. Then she quit her band and left the UK to go traveling around the states sleeping on whatever couch that would take her in. Earlier this year when traveling through LA she replied to an ad looking for models to perform in humiliation POV clip and that’s when she met Monique and myself. We hit it off immediately and kept in touch. I was stoked when I found out she was settling down for a bit in Seattle to goto school. It’s just one of many good excuses for me to go back up there sooner than later.

In case your wondering, no, her boyfriend is not submissive to her in real life. But they have their own crazy kinky sex life so doing these kind of clips together wasn’t too “out there” for either of them. The guy made a great bitch. He was down to do foot worship, face sitting, and even a forced bi clip. He joked that if anyone asked where the extra money he earned came from, he’s just tell them, “I sucked my girlfriend’s cock.” Perfect.


The next day I had arranged a shoot with none other than Mandy Flores. It also went very, very well. Her boyfriend was there, who happens to be a very talented photographer, so it was nice to have something other than a tripod to hold the camera and take stills. I’m sure he didn’t mind one bit that the first couple clips we shot were of us playing tonsil hockey with a lot of heavy petting. I think my new favorite thing now is gettin’ all gay for pay with a girl within the first hour of meeting her.

Mandy just posted one of the kissing clips on her store, check it out:

The rest of the photos we took be posted in my members area this week:

Afterwards we went out for dinner and drinks where we met up with Mistress T and Samantha Mack. My photos get a lot more grainy at this point.

I was pretty wiped out from shooting at this point and Mistress T had just returned from London the night before so we kept it easy work-wise. We don’t exactly do all that much for each other in a business sense anyway. Even though we both shoot femdom, our look and style is so different our fans don’t seem to respond much whenever we appear in clips together. No biggie. I’ll hang out with her for free. That’s how much I like her.

The moment we walked into the theater for HUMP I saw none other than Dan Savage. My heart leapt. I have been a huge fan of Dan since my early teens and owe much of my fascination for fetishes and current career choice to reading his column. I strategically opened my camera on my phone and handed it to Mistress T before interrupting his conversation and asked for a picture. I assumed he wasn’t going to be thrilled about taking what was probably the millionth picture with a fan during an already busy night, so I tried to take up as little of his time as possible. Mission accomplished. He looked slightly annoyed, smiled for the camera, and then let me to scurry off. I was over the moon the rest of the night.

The film festival was fantastic. I wish I could link to some of my favorite scenes, but since its “The film festival that allows you to be a porn star for a weekend—not for life,” all submissions are played at the event only.


The next day Mistress T, Samantha, and myself got together and shot one obligatory clip for each other’s store. Then we all sat around with our phones reading twitter out loud to each other.

Yep. Just another day in the life of being perfect, exalted, unattainable goddesses.

6 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. Mistress T

    Awww, you LOVE me! You REALLY love me! *barf* It was great to see you, as always & I’m super excited about bunking together in Vegas (again). You are one of my favorite people.
    (To all the drooling fans of Ceara Lynch…as much as you adore her, know that she’s even better than you think she is. Not nicer really, but fun to be around & sexy without trying. *smile*)
    Mistress T

  2. peter

    I don’t expect you to post this I but just to let you know I googled Dan Savage and found his archive, then I explored The Stranger and now have lots of quality reading material, if your respect someone you are likely to benefit by looking at what they like. You have great taste, thank you for all that you do.

  3. peter

    because you are a very busy person and because your blogs must get email overload by lots of fans (and wackos) so I imagine you have a lot to sort through, I read that you are bored by flattery (and the comment contained praise). Nevertheless I was so happy to discover all that stuff because of you that I wanted to say thanks but I thought of it as a note to you rather as a post.

    1. cearalynch

      It would take more time for me to delete your comment then it would be to just let it be. I accept 99% of the comments I receive on here. It’s not a big deal.

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