Casting Call for Film Slaves

AVN is right around the corner. Guess what that means? The hottest most in-demand dommes will be gathering together to party, gamble, socialize, and most importantly: shoot masturbatory magic. Mistress T and myself will be sharing a room again and we are in search of a film slave to be at out beck and call all weekend.

Last year one lucky bitch, slave Jay, was fortunate enough to be passed around like a bag of potato chips between myself, Mistress T, Rene, Lyne, Alexandra Snow, Sarah Blake, and more. Here’s just a sample of the clips he was fortunate enough to be a part of (yes, this could be YOU):

Are you interested in taking his place this year? If so read this carefully:

1. You must be in Vegas and available to us at all times January 15th-21st. All accommodation costs are on you.

2. You must be willing to participate in films involving foot/shoe worship, spitting, leash training, face sitting, strap-on sucking and (if possible) ball busting. Depending on your look and package, you may be used for fucking/handjob clips for Mistress T’s store.

3. You must be willing to go on film unmasked, sign a model release, and pay a $250 non refundable deposit in advance to show you’re serious.

4. Know that we don’t really give two shits what you’re “into.” This time it really isn’t about you. The purpose of being a film slave is to be used as we deem most appropriate and profitable for us. In other words, tell us what you’re willing to do, not what your dick wants to do.

5. Do you have a boner right now? Go jerk it off, have a glass of water, and THEN think about whether you are honestly capable of doing this. This is not a fantasy. If you’re not serious, do not waste our time.

If you can handle all of the 5 requirements above, send a polite, clear and articulate email introducing yourself with both hands on the keyboard (not a tweet, not a blog comment, an email.) You must demonstrate that you understand and agree to all the terms above and include a non nude image of yourself. (For an example of an application we would take seriously, read slave Jay’s email from last here:

All applications can be sent to Failure to follow any of these simple instructions and you will be ignored. Don’t forget: we really don’t need you. This is a once in a life time opportunity. Don’t blow it.

40 thoughts on “Casting Call for Film Slaves

  1. Mistress T

    Very well put Ceara. I would love to have a little pet around like we did last year…bringing us breakfast in the morning, etc. *Cross Finger* for this year!
    Mistress T

  2. james

    …and this is exactly why a real professional submissive will never agree to do a film with you with no pay AND a deposit upfront….
    …this is why you have to throw your net out to the public Internet and hope that something bites…

    1. Professor W

      It seems to me one is either a real submissive OR one is a “professional” submissive. A real submissive would pay for the privilege of being a slave to Ceara, Rene, Lyne, Mistress T, Alexandra, Sarah, etc. I know I’d jump at this opportunity, and happily pay for it, if not for the stipulation about willing to be unmasked.
      The very idea of a “professional” slave is contemptible to me. Is there no value in authenticity? Fuck that. If I want paid idiots playing a role, I can turn on professional wrestling… or the CPAC conference.

      1. Simon

        Sorry to disagree, but I definitely would love to pay for beeing abused this way UNMASKED; the only things that prevents me is I live in Europe…

  3. Mistress T

    To james: getting the right film slaves can be a tricky thing, I can tell you after years of experience. There’s no question that my films are very popular & I attribute some of that success to the authenticity of the scenes. I use real fans & personal lovers. Regular people, not professionals. I think the viewer can identify more with guys like that & the action is more genuine.
    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘professional submissive’ but I feel that the moment I pay a sub to perform in my vids the dynamic is polluted.
    Having said that, I don’t usually charge casual film slaves but there is no question that I get my time wasted far less when a slave has made a deposit to show he is serious.
    I often throw my net out on the public internet to let fans know there is an opportunity to serve me in person. This is a dream come true for many fans.
    I get the feeling from your comment that you might consider yourself a ‘professional submissive’? If that’s the case you might want to reconsider your approach as you come across as neither professional OR submissive & you’re unlikely to find more work like that.

    1. james

      i am not a professional, but i try to be submissive when possible. As to Your comment about having Your time wasted, You get what You pay for (in this case, zero). Does it not make sense that if You went the extra mile and actually solicited Your needs to a pro, that You would not get Your time wasted at all in the first place?
      To clarify: i probably mean professional “actor” who specializes in submissive/slave work.

  4. Keyser Soze

    Anyone who does this is an absolute fool. A $350 non refundable discount? Ha! That’s basically a $250 application fee. For that amount you can find any number of more attractive women to do the same things to. Video subjects are doing YOU a favor… One they shouldn’t have to pay a “deposit” for doing. We all see your money grab attempt here and laugh at it heartily!

    1. james

      Well, more to the point, they know that because they are very popular in the online scene, that they can basically get away with charging a male to be debased and dehumanized. They are basically adding insult to injury even though most of these males actually (sadly) get off on being used.
      Basically they are saying if you want to get off (i.e. serve Us in person) then We are making you pay for the “privilege”.
      Yes, it is very warped. That’s like a customer going into a store and telling the owner “If you want me to buy something, then you’re going to have to pay me for it”.

      1. Ceara Lynch

        I don’t doubt that most people who read this casting call will not be interested. That’s fine. Where not looking to recruit “most” people, we’re just looking for one. Last year the right guy came along and he had the time of his life. I’m not sure why you find it so “warped” that a guy might be willing to pay to live out his ultimate fantasy.

      2. Mistress T

        You do realize that I have been a Pro Domme for years charging for my time & services? The only difference here is that we are also filming it (but he would be paying what I would charge for an hour solo of private time but getting several DAYS with multiple Professionals. Yes, we are actually Professionals at fantasy fulfillment).
        Paying for this is no different than paying an accountant to do your taxes, a taxi driver for driving you to your destination, etc. Warped? Yup, just bonkers.
        Guys are welcome to search the world for women who will fulfill their niche fetishes for free (or who will pay THEM!)…or they can pay for it:-) That’s just life.

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  6. Paul

    Jerking off and then thinking things over is a great strategy for making many decisions in life. Great advice, Ceara.

  7. Manoffel

    The ladies here are each running payed sex sites runned as 100% commercial enterprises. For this i admire them each. I am a fan of Mrs. T. . But she has nothing to do with authenticity. Authentic mistress-slave relation cannot be based on payings and selling the video recordings to the public. Mrs.T or the other ladies Ceara etc.. are, i hope at least, the CEOS of sex selling companies, based on maximizing their proffits. That is ok, but then they should also act in that way. This means Exlusively work together with professionals and pay them decently. I am sorry Mrs. T but the innocence and authenticity you have lost already for Years. Be honest and act like a fully business woman, work with professionals and then you dont have to waste your time anymore with fans who admire you as an actor playing a mistress and selling the illusion that you are their mistress.

    1. cearalynch

      Businesses can maximize their profits any number of ways. One very basic way is by not spending money on what you can easily get for free. Definitely don’t spend money on what someone will pay you for. Isn’t that a no brainer?

      That said, was this casting call posted on some sub-for-hire forum or something? I don’t get why there’s so many butt-hurt dudes commenting on this. No one is being forced to apply here. Really, it’s okay.

      1. Manoffel

        Ceara , sounds you butt hurted and ignore the essence of all comments posted here. To be more clear, despite of that i like the video clips of you and mrs.t., i am shocked by the style of the application text. Dont forget, you are a commercial company working in adult sex industries. And please not act as a butt hurted girl, but as the ceo of ceare lynch enterprises and write serious applications and pay people for their work. As i said i am shocked that you obviously think that it is normal to maximize your own proffitts on the costs of your fans, their dignity and actually fooled them indirectly. Even if you selling videos of fetishes based on humiliation, you should not practice it in real when you run a company.

        1. Ceara Lynch

          I’m having the hardest time wrapping my head around your logic. Given the very fact that thousands of men pay money to jerk off to our videos, does it not stand to reason they would also happily pay money to be a part of what they’re jerking off to? How is it insulting in any way to give them that opportunity? Would it not be far more cruel to instead, as you suggest, pay someone else to do exactly what they would love to pay for?

          I can’t for the life of me understand how an impartial observer would take the position that you do. Which makes it quite apparent to me that you, James, & Keyser are not impartial observers. You are a bunch of guys who made the silly mistake of trying to earn money doing something that far too many people are willing to do for free, and in many cases, pay to do. Maybe it’s time to look for another job.

    2. Mistress T

      When ‘considering the source’ I am very curious to know where all these comments are coming from? Is there a union for out-of-work professional male porn performers trying to convince us to change the way we are already running successful business’s so they get paid work?
      To the armchair critics: who are you & why is this even an issue for you? You do realize that your whiny, defective comments will have zero impact on any guy who wants to serve us…if that is your motive? Or is shit-disturbing just the only thing you have to do with your time? Rather amusing.

      1. Manoffel

        The source is not important at all, to discuss this is purely a waste of time, for you but also for me.
        PS. I am not in business consulting services, i am just an ordinary man who like your vid clips, but not the way you dealing with fans and using devoted addicted men for commercial purposes

        1. Mistress T

          “but not the way you dealing with fans and using devoted addicted men for commercial purposes”…you are making a lot of assumptions based on a blog post/casting call. In reality (not in theory) last year this worked perfectly. The slave who you see in all those vids had the time of his life & felt what he paid was very reasonable. He wrote lots of blog entries about it. He did not feel taken advantage of or hard-done-by in any way. As a slave he was in fact, spoiled rotten.
          Also in reality (again, not theory) only I know the details of the relationships I have with each of the men you see in my vids. Each one is unique & has a unique arrangement…but not a single one has ever posted a comment anywhere about being unhappy with working with me. In all these years that’s a pretty good track record. I must be doing something right:-)
          Don’t you worry your pretty little head about things you don’t really know about in reality. Just enjoy the jerk off material & worry about yourself.

          1. Manoffel

            That you are a professional and that you screen and select your slaves very extensively i have no doubts. There are obviously always people left over that are that strongly addicted that they even will be thankfull , always. Anyway your replies and particular Cearas have make a lot more clear to me. Thanks for that and have a good night. Bye bye.

  8. Alton

    I don’t mind paying up front! I really don’t care about the guys comments. I’m just trying to figure how to send me picture! I’m in complete shock an this is most def a dream come true!

    1. Mistress T

      Are you that guy who emailed me 3 times this morning? If you can’t send pics send an honest description of yourself (height/weight/age/ethnicity/hair/facial hair/body hair/penis size/tattoos, etc.) If you are misleading/dishonest your deposit will not be returned if we decide to not use you…although chances are we would at least do a vid making fun of you:-)


  10. jay

    Hello Mistress T/Ceara Lynch/kandy Roberts,

    I`m Jay, 30 years old, dd free, bicurious & single. I am huge fan of your work and a secrete admirer and also I would love to be a part of your videos and very much interested attending one of the “Mistress Parties” you host.

    My interests are- Humiliation(public), spanking, face slapping, cross dressing, spitting, asshole worship, Golden shower, forced bi, cuckolding etc I would not mind eating creampie off mistress T’s asshole or pussy (always fanatsize about it) also wants to try strap on my virgin ass.(please fuck me infront of your friends/Camera)

    My limits- Ball busting, permanent body marks, CBT

    I also wanted to wear face mask while filming and keep my identity discrete. I`m an east indian student and living in Langley and can visit your studio in Vancouver for shoot. Please give me further direction on how to make it all possible. I am NOT VERY GOOD LOOKING BUT I AM VERY SERIOUS about all this.

    Waiting anxiously
    Thank you

    1. Ceara Lynch

      Why are you posting this on my blog? You sent this exact message to me via email last week. Like I told you before, I don’t live in Vancouver, nor do I do the majority if activities you listed. I have no idea why you’d think “Kandy Roberts” would read this here.

  11. jay

    I am sorry CEARA…but I am trying to catch attention of Mistress T as I did not get any reply from her yet…and desperately seeking het attention….I don’t know if she checks her mail regularly?…and above I see her interacting with few people so thought of writing here as well.

    though If you are filming and looking for guy please write me back….sincere apologies for inconvinience.


  12. jay

    well kinda sad to know this…but I would not stop until I get her reply…though definately won’t bother you anymore Ceara….thanks for all these quick replys…….and if you dont mind if not in Vancouver where you based at? in Canada?…do you offer private session?….would love to taste your GS and pegged by you 🙂

  13. Petemdn

    i would have understood Your demand for REFUNDABLE deposit to help You filter the slaves and choose the serious only. but non refundable even if the slave shows up for every shoot, why is that? So the real reason for demanding the deposit is not to avoid wasting Your time

  14. The Son of Sam

    The problem with this stuff is that it is immoral just like any other sexual things that are not in the context of marriage and proper relations. For example pornography, whether normal regular porn or in this case sado-masochism is immoral and leads to the worst kind of things. Masturbation is one of the worst things that a man can do. In addition, sado-masochism and homosexuality are sexual perversions just like incest, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, etc. There is no reason why any healthy and normal person should want to get off on pain and humiliation. Pain and humiliation are the opposite of what we naturally want to feel. People run away from feeling paid and humiliation. Why? Because when the body feels pain, that is the bodies way of telling the individual to stop doing what they’re doing. Therefore getting off to such a thing is unnatural. And most people know what porn did to Ted Bundy (Though he is a rare case) the serial killer. He had a porn addiction, and it drove him to go out and kill. The fact is these type of things destroy people. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it should be illegal. There is no reason why we should allow any type of porn, but especially unhealthy porn like sado-masochism, in this country even though it’s America.

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